Enterprise Engine comes to Firefox 60 for Windows, macOS and Linux

Mozilla's latest update to its browser, Firefox 60 brings an enterprise management engine that allow IT administrators to manage the browser usage within the organization.

While Mozilla had previously tested the enterprise engine through corporate volunteers, which the company then added to Firefox Quantum - the revolutionary browser introduced in late 2017 following a major redesign - with IT administrators able to deploy the application through Group Policy on Windows.

Mozilla earlier dubbed it Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, with  the ability for IT professionals to easily configure the browser using Windows Group Policy or a cross-platform JSON file. Now, the company has enabled the policy engine in Firefox 60, making it possible for the first time to manage the browser usage within organization.

It also provided Group Policy templates and documented the construction of .json files on GitHub, including listing of all the policies currently supported and on its own support site.

The Windows Group Policy is the de facto standard for software administration in the enterprise, with the exception of those few that rely only on macOS or Linux operating systems who are required to add a .json (JavaScript Object Notation) file to Firefox's installation folder/directory.

While enterprises can deploy either the standard Firefox, or the Extended Support Release (ESR), which has remained stable for about a year, receiving only security fixes during the period.

Firefox updates comes every six to eight weeks; with the last upgrade of the browser, Firefox 59, haven arrived March 13; so the next update, Firefox 61, is expected around June 26.
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