The Facebook's Skype deal may perhaps have triggered a new trend in video calling consumptions on the web, coupled with the current Google's Project, Google Plus (Google+). Bringing the social experience to the fore, Facebook within the week, announced its Video Calling Feature, and also a new chat interface enabling Group Chat option.

Facebook Video calling was made possible by a Skype plug-in, which is downloadable on-demand with a single permission, allowing a user to launch a video chat session with another user in just 2 clicks. The recipient, however, can answer without having the Skype software installed.

Although, the much hyped Google Plus has promised a group video calling capability, comprising a maximum of 10 people, Facebook's new Video Calling feature maintains one-on-one calling for now. However, the likelihood of upgrading to a conference calling capability much later was declared possible according to report credited to Mark Zuckerberg.

The Group Chat feature, on the other hand, makes it possible for group assembly and interaction on the social network.

The current trends have pointed to apps as the driving force in the social networking innovations, which means that users experience and satisfaction will invariably depend on what is built on the platform, rather than the platform itself.

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