Social Search Recommendation

The internet as a conduit of information cannot be over emphasized, but how such information are presented and the level of accuracy of search results remains a great challenge. Hence, the need for more human contribution to the search mechanism through viable social features.

Google's recently launched, Plus One (+1), seems a tool in the right direction to incorporating social experience into general internet search. It's a direct recommendation of things of interest which invariably effects better search results.

Plus One (+1) makes it easier to find exactly what you are searching for when a friend or someone you know already found it. The social connections to search may greatly enhance local search as it directly recommends a product to friends and gives a general rave review.

Microsoft had earlier incorporated Facebook 'like' into its search result, but not effected in overall search algorithm.

The new search trend is perhaps a major shift in the visual architecture of internet search, albeit the search giant is yet to integrate it into its search algorithm. However, webmasters have been called upon to avail themselves of the social tool in their web contents as it will soon serve great search engine optimization (SEO) criteria.