Microsoft bringing Game chat transcription to Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft has announced a beta release of a new game chat feature that will enable players transcribe speech-to-text or text-to-speech on Xbox One and Window 10 PCs. The chat transcription makes it easier for gamers to communicate by converting typed chat into speech, and vice versa.

While the new feature public release will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 shortly, the first game to support it will be Halo Wars 2.

The chat transcription feature will enable players to transcribe voices into text, which could be useful for gamers who want to avoid blocking or muting particular players.

It's especially useful for players who have poor hearing, as well as people who are unable to speak during a game session due to technological limitations (i.e. no microphone) or a physical inability.

The feature, however, will need to be supported in games directly, and won't be available as part of the Xbox One’s party chat option.

For Xbox One users, the feature can be turned on by going to Settings > All settings > Ease of Access > Game Chat Transcription. While for Windows 10 PC, open the Xbox app and go to Settings > General > Game chat transcription.
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