What's the big deal about Twitter opening up its live-streaming API?

Twitter, most obviously wants to transform into one of the biggest platform for live videos, with the rumored plans to allow media firms to post live streaming videos directly into the network.

According to reports, the company will soon open up its live-streaming API for media firms to plug directly into it’s software, allowing them to go live on the web without having to use Periscope.

While, Twitter has been hosting live sporting events (and e-sporting) recently, the current move is perhaps the biggest effort by the company to promote live-streaming on its platform.

Twitter will also announce partnerships with "firms that provide back-end services for live-video streaming."

And as the new feature will be exclusive to media organizations, regular users will have to stick to Periscope for their broadcasts, as those will make only a fraction of all the videos on the platform once media companies start taking advantage of the API.

Albeit, it appears that the new open API for live-streaming directly to Twitter will supplement Periscope.
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