Analytics is simply the discovery of meaningful patterns in data through visualization to communicate insight, relying on the simultaneous application of statistics and research to quantify performance. While, marketers may apply analytics to business data, to describe, predict, and improve business performance - analytics can require extensive computation.

This whitepaper is designed to give managers and other marketing professionals an introduction to applying analytics to marketing so you can significantly improve performance.

It explains not only why you need to make this shift to analytically driven marketing strategies and plans, but also how you can get started and what kinds of tools you need to develop and execute your plans.

You'll also learn about building an analytical framework for marketing that will help you increase response rates, customer loyalty, and ultimately ROI, by contacting the right customers with highly relevant offers and messages.

And deliver the right message by segmenting customers more effectively and better understanding target populations, with decrease in attrition by accurately predicting customers most likely to leave and developing the right proactive campaigns to retain them.
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Special Report: A Marketer's Guide to Analytics

The proliferation of mobile devices has given way to increased cross-device interactions, and the always-on nature of digital has enabled nearly uninterrupted real-time content consumption, marketers face more challenges than ever in creating engaging customer experiences.

With the death of organic reach and the new customer data imperative, not only has competition for customer attention increased, but years of innovation have raised their expectations of what those experiences should look like.

This white paper will help you make sense of rapidly evolving customer behaviors, along the changing role of social media, and provide strategies for building engaging and interactive social experiences on the digital properties marketers control.

Download Social Marketing, Redefined: The Death of Organic Reach and the New Customer Data Imperative, to learn how you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your social marketing strategy.

Special Report: Social Marketing, Redefined – The Death of Organic Reach and the New Customer Data Imperative

The Web is dynamic - right from the kind of code you use to build your website to the aesthetic design you adopt, there's a lot that needs updating from time to time. Keeping a website up to date is an essential part of maintaining its popularity. Not only do you need to ensure that it's always functional, but you need to keep an eye on its level of appeal and ability to attract newcomers.

Right here, we'd consider a few things you can do to keep your site up to date.

Check your SSL certificate

Security is becoming an increasingly important issue for web users. After a number of large scale hacks and leaks in recent months, there's good reason for the average web user to be careful.

SSL certificates are a great way for users to stay safe online and a great way for website owners to prove that their site is safe. By using an SSL checker you can ensure your certificate is up to date and this will help to provide piece of mind for your online visitors.

Use the latest code

As browsers are changing and getting updated, and the languages they read are changing, it equally affects how your website is presented to visitors. It's a good idea to ensure you're using the most up to date codes to ensure that your site displays as good as possible; regardless of what browser your visitors are using.

Keep it mobile-friendly

As smartphones adoption is increasing, also too amount of web traffic coming through mobile devices. The result of this is that there is a greater demand for mobile-friendly web design.

Whether your website design is a dynamic mobile-friendly or you implemented a dedicated mobile version, it's all up to you, but mobile visitors need to be catered for one way or another.

Use fresh content

It's not just functionality that you need to keep an eye on when you're looking to get your website up to date,  fresh content is, of course, hugely important. Fresh content is essential if you're looking to attract regular traffic to your site. It is also needed to lure previous visitors back time and time again.

Coding, Mobile and SSL Check: Tips for keeping a business website up to date

The iPad, a line of tablet computers designed by Apple Inc., was first released on April 3, 2010; while the most recent iPad models, the iPad Air and second generation iPad Mini, were unveiled on October 22, 2013 and subsequently went on sale November 1 and 12, same year respectively.

It combines the best of your favorite gadgets features: iPod touch, MacBook, and e-Reader, into one ultra-modern portable touch device.

The iPad comes handy; for sending e-mail and surfing the web to taking pictures, watching and recording videos, playing games, downloading apps, and so much more. Your e-mail, photos, music, eBooks, and games are just a touch away with iPad.

The fun begins right here with this friendly Dummies guide; Portable Edition - eBook (usually $6.99) FREE for a limited time!

Use this portable guide for getting started on advanced features like: Magic touch — navigate the multitouch screen, use the onscreen keyboard, and e-mail and surf the web with just the touch of a finger. And All those apps — download the latest apps, keep them up to date, and indulge your interests with games, e-books, and more. Request your complimentary free eBook on the iPad for Dummies now.

eBook: iPad For Dummies (usually $6.99) FREE for a limited time!

The methods for generating leads typically fall under the umbrella of marketing, and may include both paid or non-paid sources such as organic search results or referrals from existing customers. SMBs strive to generate "quality" leads which is usually determined by the propensity of the inquirer to take the next purchase actions.

Recent study found that direct traffic, search engines, and web referrals were the three most popular online channels for lead generation accounting for over 90% of leads.

Act-On delivers the results of research into the factors of successful lead-generation strategies and tactics, with findings and recommendations most pertinent to the SMB marketer and sales director.

The research factors 4 key action items for marketers and sales teams with intent for success, and paired with lead management to move leads through the purchase channel. Request your complimentary copy on " Lead Generation and Management for SMB Sales and Marketing" for Free now.

Special Report: Lead Generation and Management for SMB Sales and Marketing

Microsoft unveiled its next generation operating system, Windows 10, against the expected numbering continuum - skipping 9 to 10, with supposed integration of the new OS across desktop and mobile platforms, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Even as analysts have predicted the future Internet as "an evolving convergent Internet of things and services that is available anywhere, anytime as part of an all-pervasive socioeconomic fabric, made up of converged services, and shared data", Windows 10 represents a whole new generation of technology in that aspect.

Windows 10 will deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time, and it will be the most comprehensive platform ever, stated Terry Myerson, VP of the OS group at Microsoft.

Microsoft's biggest challenge, however is likely to be in developing an entirely converged desktop-to-mobile cum everything-else platform as related to integrating the experience and functionality of applications between desktop and mobile platforms.

The company have planned a converged application platform for developers, across all devices, with a unified application store. But, given the claim that a unified operating system can operate any application across any device; the user experience may be anything but seamless.

For now, what is sure is that Microsoft is keen to create a consistent user experience across every device.

Windows 10 "technical preview" will allow PC users to experiment with new, and carried-over Windows functions, and submit feedback/suggestions before Microsoft commits to a specific release date. You can join the Windows Insider Program to download the Windows 10 Technical Preview and try out features like the new Start menu, multiple desktops, snap enhancements, and others.

Windows 10: Convergence of the Desktop and Mobile platforms