Whiteboard Video: Remotely access files on Mac from Windows PC using iRAPP

In this age of information technology, there are people that only work on Mac computers and others that feel more comfortable on the Windows server, even though information is not easily shared between these two systems.

While some others feel somewhat comfortable using both of the computers, it becomes hectic when employees or students need to flip back and forth between the systems.

And to solve the issue, iRAPP allows users to remote their desktop between both servers, with the information between the two servers intact, so people can cut down from using two computers. It doesn't stop there, you can also access all the information that you need for work on your iPad, iPhone, and Android products.

The whiteboard video above better explain how it works. Now you can feel comfortable using the computer and server that you're used to while accessing the information that normally cannot be accessed on that particular desktop computers.