Oracle's removal of JavaFX from the Java Development Kit (JDK) 11 has given rise to the first open standalone release of the Java-based rich client technology, JavaFX 11, which will avail developers a client application platform.

The JavaFX 11 is an open source, next generation platform for desktop, mobile and embedded systems built on Java; which comes as a collaborative effort from many independent developers and companies with the goal of producing an efficient and modern, fully featured toolkit for building rich client applications.

While Oracle claimed the removal was inline with its overall desire to get rid of noncore modules from the Java Development Kit or stand the JDK as independent modules.

The standalone JavaFX modules can no longer have permissions by default, as the modules are now loaded by the application class loader, while applications that sort to run with a security manager enabled by default will need to specify a custom policy file, using "", to grant permissions to each of the JavaFX.

Albeit, the now open source JavaFX will be able to use GTK 3 by default on Linux platforms where the GTK 3 library is present, which prior to JavaFX 11, the GTK 2 library was the default.

The new features in JavaFX include the public FX Robot API, which has been added to support simulating user interaction such as typing keys on the keyboard and using the mouse as well as capturing graphical information.

And the known issues with this release is that JavaFX crashes with OpenJDK 11 on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux machines when the XWayland window server is enabled whenever the FX window toolkit code uses GTK 3 on Linux, which is the default for JavaFX 11.

It is however recommended to use the Xorg server instead of the Wayland server when running JavaFX applications as a workaround.

The Java-based rich client technology, JavaFX 11 standalone release

It's no loner news that Microsoft and Amazon have integrated their respective digital assistants, Alexa and Cortana; the next step in the collaboration between the two companies is that Alexa-powered devices will soon be able to tap into Skype to place or receive audio/video calls to/from other devices.

While the initial partnership saw the implementations of the Cortana skill on Alexa devices, with the ability to summon Alexa from Windows 10 devices and the Xbox game console.

Skype, which had hitherto remained Microsoft’s exclusive in the partnership is now purported to be coming on board later this year, albeit the capability is already available for Amazon's Alexa-powered devices in the US and Canada.

The worldwide roll out will follow soon this year, which will allow users of Alexa-powered devices to tap into Skype to place Skype audio and video calls to other devices, accept calls, or even place calls via Skype to cellular phones and landlines.

This new partnership means that if you're about hanging out, let's say in your neighborhood and wish for the company of your friends, you can just tap your Alexa device to place a Skype call to your "old friends" by simply saying: “Alexa, call Dave on Skype,” or say “Alexa, answer” for an incoming call.

And perhaps too, you'll be able to order from your favorite local restaurant and have it delivered in a jiffy all from the comfort of your living room.

Alexa users, get ready for Skype as Microsoft is bringing the service to Amazon's hardware

The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is a set of extensions to DNS which provides DNS clients (resolvers) origin authentication for DNS data; the specifications are for securing certain kinds of information provided by the Domain Name System (DNS) on Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

While the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) voted on the first ever change for the cryptographic key that helps protect the Domain Name System (DNS), in a bid to make the internet more secure.

The main driving force for the improvement in DNS security remains that the rollover will help in the continued evolvement of Internet technologies and deployment of IoT facilities.

Initial plan to roll the DNS root KSK was paused in 2017 due to unexpected error, specifically the data raised questions related to how ready validating resolvers were for the roll over that was scheduled to be implemented. ICANN analyzed the data and determined that there were indications that a relatively small percentage of resolvers were likely to be negatively impacted by the KSK rollover, but it also established that the data was unsuitable for determining the number of end users that would be impacted.

But the ICANN Board have now agreed to proceed with plans to roll over the key for the DNS root beginning on October 11, 2018, which change is remarkable as it will be the first successfully in place since 2010.

ICANN stated that minimal user impact from the rollover is expected, as a small percentage of internet users would see problems in resolving domain names, and so they will have problems reaching their destination websites.

The change, however should have little impact for enterprise users, since more than 99% of such users resolvers are validating and will not be affected by the KSK rollover; as most enterprises have their software set on automatic key rollovers or they've manually installed the new key already.

Though, there's no assurance that every network operator will have their 'resolvers' properly configured, yet it is expect that the vast majority have access to the root zone.

What's the impact of ICANN enforcement of DNS Security Extensions change?

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source initiative aimed to improve the performance of sites on the mobile web; which goes beyond just websites to include other applications on the mobile Web.

While Google had earlier partnered with several publishers and technology companies in pushing the AMP project to build more features and functionality, the company has now moved the project to a consensus-seeking open governance model.

The open governance model (a system defining how decisions are made) for AMP will focus on agility with feedback from the developers and organizations that have been using it.

Some of the significant changes proposed in the new model, includes: having working Groups with ownership of certain aspects of AMP (UI, infrastructure and documentation), with clear mechanisms for input and well-defined decision making process, replace the informal teams that exist now.

And the power to make decisions in the AMP Project have moved from single Tech Lead to a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) which is made up of representatives from companies that have committed resources to build the AMP project.

The main goal remains to encourage a wider variety of voices at different levels of contribution, such as code contributions, determining the future direction of AMP and what features and the bugs to be fixed.

It will ensure that the voices of those who do not contribute with code, but are nonetheless impacted by AMP, will be heard.

The company is also exploring the possibility of moving AMP to a foundation in the future, and seek the input of the TSC, the AC, and the community over the coming months.

Google pushing Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) to Open Governance Model

Twitter's real-time update set the service apart from other social networks and lending more to its credence, as natural conversation is supposed to be spontaneous. But earlier last year, the company decided to switch to algorithmic timeline to the backlash of its users, who maintains that the former timeline is preferred, against the supposed option to get the tweets they’re most likely to care about to appear at the top of the feed.

The argument that when a user follow hundreds of people on Twitter — or maybe thousands — that it can feel like you’ve missed some of the most important tweets with real-time update, which Twitter cited for the switch notwithstanding, many users revolted with “Death to Twitter” in a campaign against the change.

Now, the company has announced new changes that make it super easy for users to choose to see a chronological feeds from the people they follow, instead of the machine-learning algorithmic timeline that tends to surface tweets based on your past interactions.

And Twitter will allow those users who wish to opt out of the use of algorithmic timeline to choose what tweets they deem more important.

Twitter's product lead, Kayvon Beykpour, states that the company is making it easier for people to have more control of their timelines and will be testing the new changes in the coming weeks.

The company claims to have learned that when showing the best Tweets first, that users find it more relevant and useful, but they've decided to heed the feedback from people who at times prefer to see the most recent tweets.

If you wish to switch back to algorithmic timeline, simply adjust your setting for "Show me the best Tweets first" from your "Account Settings" page, click Under Content, look for "Timeline" and toggle the box next to "Show me the best Tweets first" to change the setting at any time.

Twitter makes it super-easy to Switch back to the Reverse Chronological Timeline

Microsoft launched ML.Net to provide machine learning framework for .Net developers, with the promise of making model training and predictions easy through high-level APIs, along with strong integration of other .Net capabilities.

The ML.Net framework was first announced in May 2018 with the beta Version 0.4, while the aim is to provide ways for .Net developers to create models for specific tasks and to run common machine learning models using a cross-platform, open source system.

Now, Microsoft has released a refresh of the ML.Net framework, beta version 0.5 with support for TensorFlow model scoring, which capability will enable .Net developers to use existing model from Google’s TensorFlow deep learning toolkit in ML.Net experiments.

The ML.Net framework version 0.5 also brings support for TensorFlow Transform class, which adds existing TensorFlow model and bring the scores from that model into ML.Net. And the TensorFlow scoring do not require any working knowledge of TensorFlow internal details, as the transform class is based on TensorFlowSharp .Net bindings.

Albeit, the initial release of ML.Net included only two basic machine learning tasks, classification and regression, which are useful for categorizing data such as email segmentation or to perform analysis on numerical data like pricing trends, respectively.

Microsoft plans to enable the identification of expected inputs and outputs for TensorFlow models with future releases. But for now, it has recommended that developers should use the TensorFlow APIs to explore the models.

The long term plan, however is the deprecation of the current “pipeline” API, as Microsoft tags it, and the replacement with an easier to use API.

Microsoft’s machine learning framework, ML.Net adds TensorFlow model scoring

Google's AI-infused cutting-edge revolutionary email app, Inbox by Gmail, is perhaps the best message management enhancement ever to hit the email system. While the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered app is able to automatically sort out priority emails and also suggest/set reminders on calendar events, among others.

Inbox by Gmail brought new ideas such as the snoozing emails, as well as AI-powered experiences like the Smart Reply, Nudges and priority notifications that help users to stay more productive.

But Google isn't all satisfied with this wonderful product; albeit many users are excited about this alternative to Gmail, the company has gone ahead to set an official date for the demise of Inbox by Gmail.

According to Google, they've learned a lot about how to make email better, and taken popular Inbox experiences and added them into Gmail to help more people get more jobs done with their emails everyday; though Inbox's nifty features like trip-related emails and GitHub/Trello notifications, have not quite yet been made available to Gmail.

Google has released a guide for users to be able to effortlessly transition from Inbox to Gmail, as they promised to take a more focused approach that will help bring the best email experience to everyone.

The deadline for Inbox by Gmail is the end of March 2019, after which its users can now say the final goodbye.

Google set to discontinue the experimental Alternative Email App, Inbox by Gmail

Google is currently running a trial for the Shape Detection API with Chrome 70, which makes a device's shape detection capabilities available on the web, allowing users to identify faces, barcodes and text in images.

The Shape Detection API is now available for experimentation through Chrome origin trial; while its application encompasses serving as alternative to password, or acting as an extra layer of security for two-factor authentication.

It consists of three APIs: Face Detection API, Barcode Detection API and Text Detection API, with the Face Detection API able to return the location of faces and the locations of eyes, noses, and mouths for a more accurate result.

The feature could be a driver for Google's recent emphasis on fingerprint scanning for the web, as Chrome 70 bring two updates to the Web Authentication API related to the PublicKeyCredential type, even with the Chrome OS code spotted referencing an out-of-box experience fingerprint sensing capability.

Also, the Credential Management API in Chrome 51 defines a framework for handling credentials that included semantics for creating, getting, and storing them through two credential types: PasswordCredential and FederatedCredential.

The TouchID and fingerprint capability will be enabled by default for Chrome on macOS and Android via Web Authentication, and developers will be able to access biometric authenticators through the Credential Management API's PublicKeyCredential type.

Other major Features expected in the release includes: ontouch* APIs, which helps to avoid confusion on touch feature detection, as ontouch* members on window, document and element will be disabled by default on desktop.

And TLS 1.3, an overhaul of the TLS protocol with a less error-prone design that improves efficiency and security. The new simple design reduces the round-trips required to establish a connection and legacy insecure options, making it easier to configure a server securely.

Google bringing Face Detection support for Chrome on Linux, macOS and Android

While many people don’t bеliеvе it is very easy to ѕаvе mоnеу fоr trаvеl, rеаllу, it iѕ, but yоu just have tо lеаrn some bаѕiс budgеting skills: develop a dесеnt amount оf ѕеlf-соntrоl аnd have a bit оf сrеаtivitу. All оf these ѕоund likе a lot? Fear nоt, “Ѕmilеѕ” - fоr we hаvе еаѕу ѕtерѕ thаt will ѕurеlу hеlр уоu ѕаvе money fоr trаvеl in nо timе! Nоw, a lоt оf whаt we are about to tеll уоu might seem likе соmmоn ѕеnѕе, but whеn you рut it аll tоgеthеr, it will rеаllу lеt уоu build uр thаt ѕаvingѕ ассоunt quiсklу.

Whаt уоu don’t rеаllу know iѕ the kеу рrinсiрlе which is аlmоѕt ѕtuрidlу ѕimрlе: minimizе ѕреnding whilе mаximizing your inсоmе stream. Grеаt tip! Lеtѕ hаvе a read together оn how to save mоnеу fоr trаvеl. But bеfоrе that, we’d likе tо lеt уоu knоw уоu can еаѕilу save mоnеу fоr trаvеl uѕing thiѕ travel agency called Trаvеlѕtаrt Nigеriа.

  • Knоw How To Trасk Yоu Sреnding Fоr Trаvеl

Gеtting орроrtunitiеѕ fоr уоu tо ѕаvе mоnеу ѕhоuld bе уоur firѕt ѕtер, this ѕhоuld bе the firѕt thing you ѕhоuld аlwауѕ think of. We’vе used twо mеthоdѕ tо figurе оut the finаnсеѕ, аnd оnе iѕ easier thаn thе other, ѕо easily fоr us, we already knоw whiсh tо use if planning next travel. The firѕt mеthоd iѕ perhaps mоrе timе соnѕuming aѕ it is mаnuаllу сrеаting a ѕрrеаdѕhееt fоr the budgеt. Yоu’ll nееd tо gеt аll of уоur bаnk ѕtаtеmеntѕ and рlоt your rесurring mоnthlу еxреnѕеѕ to knоw hоw muсh it аll mаkеѕ and then ѕubtrасt thеm frоm уоur monthly inсоmе аnd thе rеmаindеr iѕ whаt уоu can use for уоur nеxt travel!

We brоkе it dоwn a ѕtер furthеr аnd ѕераrаtеd роtеntiаl ѕаvingѕ on a biwееklу bаѕiѕ, thаt wау you'll knеw hоw much you соuld ѕаvе frоm еасh раусhесk.

  • Deposit a Token Whеn Yоu Hаvе Enough On You

If you hаvе a tаught оf saving when уоu hаvе more than еnоugh оn you, it will dеfinitеlу gо a lоng way tоwаrd building some fundѕ уоu’d use оn уоur nеxt trаvеl if уоu are рrераrеd fоr it. “Buy hey, even if you save whole budget, you still need to get cheap Flight Routes to get to your destination easier.”

There are a fеw wауѕ tо dо thiѕ, thе simplest of it all iѕ ѕеtting uр а deposit withоut even going tо thе bank as there аrе nоw dероѕit ATM machines еvеrуwhеrе which уоu саn еаѕilу uѕе tо trаnѕfеr fundѕ intо уоur ѕаvingѕ account. It’ѕ inсrеdiblу еаѕу tо juѕt trаnѕfеr thе mоnеу intо уоur savings ассоunt. It takes juѕt 5minutеѕ аnd you'll gеt уоur сrеdit аlеrt.

  • Minimize What You Sреnd On

Thiѕ one iѕ pretty difficult. As everyone lоvе snacks in еvеrу tуре, ѕhаре, аnd fоrm. Sаmе with real food likе еаting in thе rеѕtаurаnt, juѕt nаmе it. Unfоrtunаtеlу, fоr our wаllеt, all of thеѕе will соѕt money. Eасh individuаl рurсhаѕе might seem negligible оn itѕ оwn – N500 fоr a ѕnасkѕ, a thоuѕаnd naira fоr food аt thе nearest bоuquеt – but thаt аddѕ uр rеаllу fаѕt. Whilе it’ѕ оkау tо ѕрlurgе оссаѕiоnаllу, dо уоu really nееd thаt outing fоr рizzа?

Another еаѕу wау tо hаvе уоur cake аnd еаt thеm too iѕ to dо it yourself!

  • Sеll Thingѕ Yоu Knоw You Arе Not Uѕing

Hаvе уоu ever calculated thе rаndоm ѕtuff уоu’vе ассumulаtеd оvеr thе уеаrѕ? Did you rеаllу nееd that old Dеѕktор computer after you’vе gоttеn a lарtор? What оf the vidео gаmе ѕуѕtеmѕ? All оf thе old сlоthеѕ you nеvеr got to wеаr? Thеrе аrе ѕеvеrаl аррѕ/ѕitеѕ thаt mаkе ѕеlling уоur uѕеd рrоduсtѕ еаѕy: Jiji, OLX, Efritin аnd a few others. But bе саrеful whеn uѕing thеѕе sites bесаuѕе, оf соurѕе, people аrе weird. Thаt bеing ѕаid, оnе mаn’ѕ trаѕh iѕ аnоthеr mаn’ѕ trеаѕurе, ѕо ѕеll уоur ѕtuffѕ wiѕеlу.

Now that you have put your stuffs online for sale and finally you sold them in peace, all you need is to get to your destination because the main reason you are selling your products is for travel and you need to check out for cheap flights to your destination.

These ways, it wоuld bе ѕimрlе tо ѕаvе money, in fасt, we’ll bеt уоu’vе рrоbаblу thоught аbоut mоѕt оf thеѕе thingѕ оn your оwn. Sоmеtimеѕ, it juѕt tаkеѕ ѕоmеоnе рutting it tоgеthеr in аn еаѕу-tо-rеаd format to hеlр get thе рuzzlе рiесеѕ fall intо рlасе.

The Infographic below will help to drive home the points even further!

How you can Save Money for Travel and Vacation without stress

How you can Save Money for Travel and Vacation without stress

Mark Zuckerberg had earlier pledged to fix the social network's many problems, which ranges from fake news to interference, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal with an overhaul of the privacy rules and expansive fact-checking of articles, photos and images.

The company have now followed suit by expanding its fact-checking of photos and videos to partners in 17 countries around the world, while the third-party fact-checkers will help in reviewing and rating the accuracy or otherwise of contents uploaded on the platform.

Also, Facebook will be employing machine learning models that uses different engagement signals to identify fake news, which it then sends to the fact-checkers for review; though the fact-checkers can equally surface such false content on their own.

Facebook had recently updated its policies as it concerns collection of data from the over two billion monthly users on the social network, all in a bid to stem interference from outside the network. While Facebook will restrict developers' access to your data or have it expressly revoked if you haven't used their app in three months.

Facebook categorized misinformation in photos and videos into three: (1) Manipulated or Fabricated, (2) Out of Context, and (3) Text or Audio Claim, with that as mainly the kinds of false photos and videos common on the platform, it hopes to further reduce it with the expansion of the help of its fact-checking partners.

Albeit, the hoax can travel across different content types, it’s important to build defenses against misinformation across articles as well, as also the photos and videos.

How Facebook will fact-check Media Contents in fight against fake news and interference