Google definitely has taken machine learning to greater heights, from the bizarre to the most unimaginable, even recently had went as far as pitching the machines against human at the board game, Go.

Now, the company has launched a new AI Experiment dubbed Move Mirror, that explore pictures in a fun way by matching peoples images as they move around. While the AI will match real-time movements to hundreds of images of people with similar poses around the world.

The experiment is meant to relay computer vision techniques like pose estimation to anyone with a computer and a webcam, as Google wants to make machine learning more accessible to coders by bringing pose estimation into the web agent, in a bid to inspire developers to experiment with the technology.

Move Mirror utilizes an open-souce "pose estimation model" called PoseNet, which can detect human figures in images and videos by identifying where key body joints are placed, and with the help of TensorFlow.js, the in-browser machine learning framework library.

It takes the input from your camera feed and maps it to a database of more than 80,000 images to find the best match.

Google, however maintains that images are not sent to its servers, as all the image recognition happens locally, in the browser. And the AI technology doesn't recognize who is in the image as there are "no personal identifiable information associated to pose estimation" at the least.

If you wish to try it out, you can visit:, and all that's required is a webcam, to take and upload your picture.

Google's "Move Mirror" AI Experiment match up images in same pose

4G wireless cell phone signal booster is particularly handy in improving the signal of cell phone inside the home, because of possible signal-blocking within the home, especially in location that are noted for poor reception.

While Poor cell phone signal can be as a result of two main contributing factors: 1. The distance from the closest cell tower and 2. An obstruction from objects may cause interference.

As a result, most cellular carriers have often offered cheap mobile booster to customers that can be plugged in at home to improve the cellular signal, which device can repeat and boost a cellular signal that’s already available in the house.

Now, let’s dissect the major causes of signal blocking to have a clear view of possible solutions to solve the resultant bad reception.

The distance from the closest Cell Tower

Most cellular carriers provide coverage through a network of strategically placed towers, which installations are meant to cover specific locations, and whenever customers are within the network, their device will automatically connect with the closest tower.

And more often than not, these customers can get past the edge of the carrier's coverage area, as they move, hopping to the next closest tower may not be feasible, and as a result their mobile device will experience poorer signal which will get worse the further it is from the nearest tower.

They will eventually get to a point where their mobile device will be too far from the tower to maintain a connection, and that’s the point where they’d enter emergency only calls.

Obstruction from objects causing the Interference

Aside the distance from towers, natural elements, like mountains and trees, or even unnatural factors like skyscrapers can cause major signal issues.

Albeit, neither of the factors can cause actual poor reception, but the combination of the two or more of these factors can be pretty fatal to signal quality, and certainly bring some problems.

How a cell phone signal booster is ideal for both of these factors

The Cell phone booster works by transferring signal from a location that currently has good signal to where signal is relatively poor. It is achieved by the mounting of an outside antenna in good signal location, typically on the rooftops, from where the signal is then passed to the other location.

However, selecting the correct cell phone signal booster for your location can be tricky, you’ll need to know exactly these facts: The carriers you need to support, what’s the existing outside signal strength of the carrier, and the actual area that needs to be covered with boosted signal.

Finally, you’ll have to determine the type of signal booster you need by factoring the combination of outside signal strength, the size of the area to be covered and the strength of an amplifier that will be required.

Above all, your understanding of the basics on cell phone signal booster - how it works and what you need to know about purchasing one - is a huge first step in determining the right system after all.

How 4G Wireless Cell Phone Signal Booster can solve bad reception problem

Facebook has launched a new feature for Messenger that makes it possible for users to fetch their contacts from Instagram, albeit they'd need to first connect the two accounts. While the feature can be found in the “People” tab, with the existing option to sync your phone’s contacts with Messenger.

Going forward, when a user connects Instagram account to Messenger, it will also pull contacts from the Instagram account automatically and the Instagram username will become visible to contacts on Messenger as well.

Facebook will be expanding the users social graph, and possibly be able to enhance their experience on the platform as it closes the gap between friends and family, and those other contacts from Instagram.

The company also implemented an option to launch Facebook right within the Instagram app, which is perhaps the first time Facebook has added integration between its apps.

Instagram’s own new Messaging service has become quite popular among its users, and the new possibility couldn't have come at a better time, even as the company had launched a feature that give businesses access to conversations from across its platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

Facebook is looking to capitalize on the huge popularity of the messaging platform, to grow its Messenger app, and perhaps monetize it from the growing userbase.

Facebook Messenger can now fetch contacts from Instagram accounts

Cloud Launcher is a ready-to-go development stacks, solutions, and services, which also serves as marketplace for cloud-based application from third-party vendors for deployment on Google’s Cloud services.

While Cloud Launcher included commercial applications of which Google handles the billing, and combined with users' regular GCP bills, the company has resorted to re-branding the service as the GCP Marketplace to better define its true purpose.

Google has added the open source container-based applications to the service that can easily be deployed to its Kubernetes Engine or other Kubernetes services.

The technical agility will be driving huge interest in public cloud from developers and businesses of all sizes, as the marketplace had previously only featured traditional virtual machines, but now, is getting container support.

As the support for Kubernetes Engine definitely removes the hassle of managing different containers, even with the deployment to Kubernetes cluster often a manual process, Google is promising a click to deployment of an application from the marketplace to its Kubernetes engine or any other Kubernetes service.

Google is currently offering solutions from developer tools like GitLab, graph database Neo4j, the Kasten data management service, as well as open source projects like WordPress, Spark, Elasticsearch, Nginx and Cassandra in the marketplace.

Google rebrands Cloud Launcher, GCP Marketplace with Kubernetes support

As every Apple fanboy is aware, there's a great wall separating those products from the rest of the pack - which is great for security reasons - but a real headache when syncing data between Mac and Android as there are no built-in solutions that can connect and transfer data between these devices.

SyncMate by Eltima Software is a nifty tool that tends to fill this gap and give you full access to data synchronization between Mac, iOS and Android, irrespective of phone model, as long as it runs Android 4.x up.

While most Mac users hate to depend on iTunes to sync their iPhone/iPod contents, as the huddle of syncing data between those device with Mac is really annoying, SyncMate comes to the rescue and there's no need to purchase several sync solutions in order to sync your Mac with each device - just download SyncMate and all supported devices will be synced within the one application.

How easy is Syncing data with SyncMate?

SyncMate offers a simple drag & drop, one-stop solution to synchronizing data on multiple devices, including iOS and Android with Mac, or even other Mac computers, and virtually mounted cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., MTP devices and much more.

SyncMate can serve as an Android file transfer alternative for Mac, with Android devices mounted as Mac disks that facilitate browsing its contents as if it were any local disk. The UI is pretty intuitive and quite capable of syncing SMS messages, calendars, reminders, contacts, bookmarks from Safari, iTunes, & iPhoto.

Features available on SyncMate free edition

  • Support for multiple devices
  • Contact & Calendar Sync
  • Background Sync
  • Activity Log

Additional functionality is that it brings the ability to delete all contacts, calendar events, to-do’s that is on an iOS device or another Mac computer. Either via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB, you can read, create, send, or delete Android messages via Mac.

SyncMate can get more done with the Expert edition (a premium version of SyncMate) which costs only $39.95 on the Mac app store. The premium version offers additional features like: ability to mount device as a disk and backup data & much more.

But best of all, SyncMate is an easy-to-use software for all user groups, including Amateurs as it offers a hassle-free, quick solution to syncing data across multiple devices with Mac computers.

SyncMate Review: Sync Data between multiple devices (Including iOS and Android) and Mac

Microsoft has released Skype 8.0 for desktop, with the renown video-and-voice messaging platform bringing some new features, like free HD video and group calls for up to 24 people. While the new Skype also include new message reactions; with @mentions for individual notifications in a group chat, chat media gallery and photo/video file sharing capabilities.

Asides the new Skype features, Microsoft announced the shutting down of support for the "classic" version (also known as Skype version 7.0) on Sept. 1, as it recommends that users should upgrade to the latest version of Skype for desktop.

The company promises to continue to roll out improvements over the summer, which will include Skype version 8.0 for iPad, with encrypted audio calls and text messages and call recording, among other features.

According to Microsoft, the underlying performance improvements and usability enhancements in the new version is designed to keep users connected to the people who matter most to them. As Skype version 8.0 is built based on feedback from its community — and adding exciting new features while ensuring it’s simple to use with the same familiar interface of Skype version 7.0.

The latest version of Skype can also be upgraded from the app, simply select Help from the top toolbar and then select Check for Updates or visit Download Skype.

If you need more information on which devices and operating systems Skype currently supports, you can check the support website here. Microsoft also requests your feedback which can be given through the “Send Feedback” option within the Skype app — just go to Settings and select Help & Feedback to send us a message.

Skype for desktop update brings support for free HD video and group calls

While there are several download managers that can handle the task of downloading and sometimes uploading stand-alone files from the Internet, getting a nifty software with unique system of sorting and keeping the downloaded content doesn't come easy.

Folx 5 Downloader for Mac is a free download manager for Mac OS X featuring a true Mac-style interface, with convenient flexible settings for easy downloads managing, offering a unique system of sorting and keeping the downloaded contents.

Folx 5 UI deviated from the rather out-of-place brazenly flaunting background that followed after Apple’s obsession with skeuomorphism styled theme, bringing a completely redesigned, Retina-friendly, compelling UI for Mac.

What's under the hood of Folx 5?

Asides the aesthetics, Folx 5 offers a full-fledged torrent client with support for magnet links, with more straightforward settings that allow you to assign downloads with one or more tags, making it easier to find the item in the list by clicking on the entries.

For beginners, Folx's plugin that “catch” downloads from the major browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers, allow the application to take over your downloading routine. It also splits transfers across two threads to make files download faster; while the plugin works more reliably and if the download is interrupted, the software will automatically resume from the left off point.

Apart from ability to download files from torrent trackers, Folx allows you to download using magnet links as well, which means you do not have to save a separate file before starting the actual download, which is convenient, as it conceals the fact that you are using P2P technology.

Do you want to go Pro?

Albeit the free version is fully capable of the most basic downloading tasks, it is highly recommended to upgrade to Folx 5 Pro to experience some more awesomeness. The pro version brings additional feature like spliting downloads across up to 10 threads, with an on-the-fly granular control over the transfer speed for each task by simply clicking on the gauge icon.

The upgrade also elevates Folx into a YouTube downloader, which includes a handy audio-only option for music freaks. And the Pro upgrade is not only able to download torrents, but also search for torrents.

Additionally, it offers a password manager (though the free version allow you to save data for two websites only, with the Pro version there’s no limit), which is handy if you frequently download from websites that require authentication, Folx makes the process automatic; but you can opt to manually add host, username, and password credentials.

Our Verdict!

Folx download manager is a super solid software product out of the box! And If you're among the crowd involved in the good side of torrenting, Folx 5 Pro is highly recommended as it will not only make your experience easier, but safer too!

Folx 5 Downloader for Mac: Manage downloading tasks like a Pro!

Cloud computing is the norm nowadays, and storing files in the cloud can be a smart move, as It means your files are available anywhere and from any device. AnyTrans for Cloud by iMobie provides you a secure and smart cloud manager to easily and efficiently manage all your cloud accounts in one safe place and 100% FREE.

AnyTrans for Cloud currently support Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Box, and pCloud, with the promise of adding more cloud providers soon. It affords you the access to manage multiple clouds, as well as multiple accounts on the same service, right from one place.

And you don’t have to download and install numerous apps, and no need to sign in and out from different accounts, as it handles all your cloud content with just a single login.

AnyTrans is also available across all platforms and devices to fulfill your different demands in different cases, from desktop, to smartphone (both Android and iOS), or tablet, and whether you are at home, in office, or on the go, you are conveniently covered by the service.

Unique features of AnyTrans for Cloud

  • File Syncing: AnyTrans is capable of syncing your files automatically to any target cloud service. And it allows you to store your photos, videos and other large files in perfect sync between two cloud storage services, with a custom time scheduling.

    This nifty feature lets you keep your ongoing projects perfectly synchronized between your primary cloud storage and your backup cloud service, for instance. And it affords you a cloud-to-cloud transfers that can be initiated without the need for a constant Internet connection because AnyTrans engine in the cloud communicate to servers automatically.

    It offers 3 customized cloud-to-cloud sync channels: Online, Offline and Premium, while the Premium channel is faster than the Offline and Online channels when transferring files from one cloud drive to another. And you can set schedules to automatically transfer or sync photos, videos, files, folders, etc, from one cloud service to another, at the time of your choosing with the premium service.

  • Secure, Simple and Flexible Way to Share Files: AnyTrans takes several big steps forward to give you more power in cloud file sharing. You not only have 100% freedom to share any file or folder you want in a way much easier, and more flexibility; but most importantly, it is absolutely secure.

    It adopts Google’s Two-Factor Authentication systems, as well as SSL-256 encryption technologies to ensure robust security for all your uploaded files. Additionally, you can access AnyTrans from Windows PC or Mac, or even through a web browser from any computer, smartphone or tablet.


The ability to migrate files between cloud services without bandwidth limitations is perhaps the best part of the AnyTrans for Cloud offerings. As neither Apple’s Files app or any other major cloud solution supports this capability, and it’s especially handy if you’re on a metered Internet connection.

AnyTrans for Cloud: Transfer, Manage and Share Files across multi-clouds in one place

GPS tracking is simply the technique of monitoring the location or positioning of various objects by fitting it with a GPS tracking software. While GPS is the acronym for Global Positioning System using the GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite System network to track or monitor the different devices.

The GNSS network involves the use of a number of satellites that transmit signals to the various devices and provide information about their location or the direction one is headed. Some of the objects that can be monitored using this type of technology include vehicles, people, animals and other equipment. It works well in, and some of them have features that can tell the speed at which someone is going.

GPS tracking can be of great importance in fleet management or monitoring delivery trucks. You can check out for the best GPS tracking device to fit in your vehicle to monitor its location in real-time from anywhere in the world. Perhaps, you can also track wild animals or the aquatic lives using this device too. Different wildlife parks use it when they want to keep track of the movements of the specific animals within the park.

The GPS tracking system can also be fixed on smartphone. All you need is to download the GPS tracking app on your phone and monitor the object you wish. You will find these apps as a free download or trial option. Some of the things you can track using your mobile device include your friends or partner's location.

Below are ways you can track different devices with GPS technology on your Android device

GPS tracking in Android devices can be used to track someone's location. Here, you are required to know someone's current location with their area positioning or using their previous positioning. You can also track your children's location to confirm their safety or use GPS device to keep track of your workers in the field, all with the help of your smartphone without the need for extra devices.

One error you can encounter, however is the possibility of an inaccurate location information. As such a user's position can also affect the search results. Albeit, you can track someone without asking for their permission, as tracking a phone remotely is also much more possible.

Simply install a tracking app on the phone of your target. You will get a portal where you can view the information you need about your target. Make sure you have a stable internet connection for smooth tracking.

How to Track a Lost Android Phone

You can also easily track your lost phone, as almost all Android devices do have an inbuilt feature known as the Android device manager which will ping the location of your mobile device to Google servers.

Google can detect the location of your device, all that's required is to have a Google account to use this feature. You can also use the different device tracking applications if you are not comfortable with the Android device manager.

The various GPS tracking applications are usually branded as anti-theft security apps. But having a dedicated GPS device is much better because of its extended battery life, good signal quality and reduced risks and cost.

Using GPS Tracking Applications on Mobile device

Microsoft's launch of the free version of its collaboration application, Teams coupled with the key feature of unlimited chat messages, is perhaps a take-on on Slack, as the company also looks to hook up small businesses.

While Slack free version limits users to 10,000 chat messages; Teams on the other hand offers unlimited messages, albeit the key selling point remains the number of users allowed, which is up to 300, and will suffice for most small businesses.

The company, however maintains that you don't have to be an Office 365 subscriber to experience the power of the Teams, even though some key features are for the paid version of the software, which is bundled into Office 365.

Microsoft has also made its Whiteboard app, which offers related features with OneNote, such as the ability to create machine-generated flowcharts and charts from inked shapes available for Windows 10.

It's all part of its strategy to hook smaller businesses on the service, as it aims to establish Teams as a repository for documentations that any team needs to work on the platform. The addition of about 140 business apps within Teams, and the available 2GB/user file limit means ample storage for each user.

Teams pro version offers up to a terabyte of storage, and comes as part of Office 365, with video chats replacing the standalone Skype for Business application, which can be stored in the cloud, and provides automatic captioning.

Microsoft will be adding support for facial recognition, and to allow viewers a public preview of live events, and video broadcasts which can also be transcribed, archived, and timecoded, this summer.

Microsoft looks to entice SMBs with the launch of Teams free version