image courtsey: popeart_

Microsoft today officially launches the Starfield Xbox controller and headset following weeks of leaks. Since the release of its Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2020, Microsoft has produced a number of limited edition controllers, the most recent of which is the one bearing the Starfield brand.

The Starfield-branded controller, which costs $79.99, will be sold starting today and features a look that was influenced by Starfield. The controller has textured hand grips and accents in gold and grey to match the Starfield branding.

Today also marks the debut of the $124.99 Starfield-branded headset. The wireless headset has a similar design to the controller and is based on Microsoft's currently available and well-received $99 Xbox Wireless headset.

In addition to the controller and headset, Bethesda is including a unique watch with the Starfield logo as part of the collector's edition of the game. The watch, which serves as a compass and provides planet-specific environmental data, is also playable in the game. Your physical watch will display notifications when it is connected to your phone.

Microsoft's Starfield Branded Controller now available for purchase