There may be a longer wait for those looking to purchase the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Due to a significant reduction in production at a Chinese plant that has been plagued by a virus, the company says it anticipates lower shipments of high-end iPhone 14 models. According to reports, the waiting period for both of these models has increased from 5 to 25 days.

Apple Insider claims that UBS investment bank analyst David Vogt monitored the availability of the iPhone using data from 30 different nations.

According to a Reuters report from October, the strict covid regulations affecting Foxconn, the Chinese factory Apple uses to produce its new iPhones, could cause a drop in iPhone production of at least 30%. According to The New York Times, Foxconn's 200,000 employees were recently required to endure an outbreak inside the structure with little access to food and supplies for several days, which caused employees to flee the building in large numbers.

The company started producing the base iPhone 14 model in India in September after already beginning to shift some production away from China.

Wait time extension for Iphone 14 pro and pro max