Whether you have purchased a new Mac or are trying to update macOS on your old system, it is recommended to keep up with the security practices. Malware can be a big threat while you are browsing the internet, but you can keep it at bay with the latest Apple enhancements.

Learning a few tips will help you securely shield your Mac against potential online threats. Activating firewalls or downloading antivirus apps are some sure-shot ways to combat cyber threats; let’s explore more security tips for securing your Mac and data.

Disable Automatic Login

First things first, disabling automatic login features will provide a strong layer of security, especially for MacBooks. Regardless of the operating system you use, all laptops, due to the portability feature, are vulnerable to theft attempts.

Automatic logins can let anyone access your sensitive information, including emails, financial details, and similar info. Disabling automatic login will prevent unauthorized people from accessing your data.

To disable the automatic login feature on your MacBook, click on the Apple menu, tap System Preferences, select Users & Groups, click on Login options, and then enable Turn off automatic login.

Create Separate Accounts

If you are sharing your computer with siblings and other family members, take control of the device through an administrative account. Create separate accounts for all the users so That they can store all their data in a dedicated folder.

Not only will this prevent unpermitted access to other users’ data, but it will also help organize files more intelligently. All the users can access their respective files and folders, which is a great way to protect data.

To add users on Mac, click on the Apple menu, navigate to the System Preferences, click Users & Groups, tap on the padlock sign to unlock, type in the administrator’s credentials, click the Add button, then click on the New Account menu, choose user type or group, and set up a user account or the group.

Turn Off WiFi Auto-Join

Prevent your computer from connecting automatically to open WiFi networks as they can be the cybercriminal’s doorway to your computer ecosystem. Hackers can use SSID (same service set identifier) to capture your entire data and traffic. Using a VPN is highly recommended as a must-have security measure as it encrypts your IP address to prevent others from accessing your information. Whether or not you are using public WiFi, make it a habit to enable VPN all the time.

To turn off the WiFi Auto-Join feature, click on the Apple menu, select System Preferences, tap Networks, and select the WiFi that you want to stop joining automatically.

Delete Redundant Apps

Software is not meant to last forever; you need to update or delete them from your computer to ensure security. When no updates are available, the app turns redundant and fails to integrate with the new applications.

Not only do they make your computer vulnerable to security threats, but they hinder the overall performance and consume storage. Old apps are not the only components consuming space on the hard drive; duplicate files, cache, and junk adds to the list.

Deleting such apps from the computer is the only way to combat associated security threats and optimize storage. Before these apps degrade your system performance, spend time to find them and delete them by navigating to the Finder or the Launchpad.

Set Up App Download Preferences

Hackers sometimes utilize illegitimate apps that compel you to enter your personal information for downloading the third-party programs on the computer. To circumvent the risks that app downloads bring along, make sure to download apps from the Apple Store only.

Apple stores include apps after reviewing them carefully and removing them immediately on finding anything suspicious. Before you download a professional app from a third-party website, make sure to review the app’s privacy policy.

To set up app download preferences on your MacBook, click on the Apple menu, click System Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and tap General. Next, select if you wish to allow the apps to download from the Apple App Store or if you want apps from authenticated developers only.

Use a VPN

Set up a VPN on your Mac to secure and encrypt your internet connection. It will prevent the network from eavesdropping. VPN acts like a security shield and encrypts your outgoing and incoming data while you are using public WiFi.

Due to the robust security that VPN provides to the data and device, many corporate organizations across the world ask their employees to connect via VPN when working remotely or attending meetings.

To set up a VPN on your Mac computer, click on the Apple menu icon, click on System Preferences, and select Network. Click on the Add button, then select the Interface pop-up menu, pick a VPN, and click on the VPN Type menu. Next, choose a VPN to set up and click on the Create button.

6 Tips for Securing Mac Against Unauthorized Access

Have you ever desired that Live Voice Changer software to change your voice easily on Mac and PC, including Male to Female, Ghostface, Anime, Deep Voice voice changer and more?

Even if you want to Prank your friends with funny voices and some cool sound effects in games, chats and live streaming? iMyFone MagicMic is an amazing voice changer software, which you can customize to your own soundboard. As an excellent soundboard for Mac and PC, MagicMic will help you to create a wonderful online experience with a natural Voice changer for Discord, Fortnite, Zoom and many more.

The voice changer software can also be used for creating videos for various purposes, and there are many use cases, but with so many options, it's hard to choose the right real-time voice changer tool.

Some Unique Features of iMyfone MagicMic

  • Fully supported on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11
  • Change Your Voice with Various Voice Filters in Real-Time
  • Voice Emulator Directly in Games or Other Applications
  • Over 200 Voice Effects to Use on Your Favorite Programs

How to Configure iMyFone MagicMic

First download and install iMyFone MagicMic on PC or Mac, and launch the software, if perhaps this is your first time running MagicMic, there are setup instructions you have to follow.

Launch the Voice Changer with different voices available, separated into categories such as Voices for Male, Voices for Female, Background Voices, Fantasy Voices, and many more.

Then you’ll have to choose what output and input method to use as voice changer. The input device should be your microphone and the output device will be your headphones. You can always access this section under the Settings tab if you need to change anything.

Start your desired program. Then go into the Voice Settings menu. Pick “Microphone” (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device, or WDM) as an input device. Also, the voice can then be changed in real-time in the program that was selected.


As a professional voice changer for both PC and Mac, with Discord to distort your voice to make it unrecognizable, it has both creative, pragmatic and fun reasons.

And finding a reliable voice changer for Discord isn't really an easy task since the internet is full of fake tools, all claiming to be the best.

MagicMic Review: Best Free Voice Changer for Mac and PC

The need for relevant and accurate data is regarded as one of the essential parts of all the existing business departments. It is also equally important for procurement. Thus, without supply market intelligence, the category managers are somewhat blind.

On the other hand, market intelligence helps the procurement team make well-informed decisions related to procurement. Nevertheless, collecting accurate data is gradually becoming difficult due to the changing of external nuances.

Like the geopolitical factors, global health emergencies such as the pandemic, and economic conditions. The procurement team checks all these external factors and considers them while making decisions.

This blog goes over the usage of the data of supply market intelligence that will ultimately improve procurement.

What is referred to as supply market intelligence?

Supply market intelligence is the gathering of all external information that is used for finding and managing goods and services. This information includes customers, suppliers, competition, and markets.

With all this information, procurement becomes better in managing risk, ensuring customer satisfaction, negotiating with the suppliers, finding scopes of cost savings—all this helps gain a competitive advantage and successfully source services or products.

Supply market intelligence has the ability to empower all the sourcing practices and procurement practices and gives the scope to think beyond the already present traditional processes.

How is supply market intelligence acquired?

There are several sources and channels to acquire the relevant information on supply market intelligence.

For every procurement professional, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research to purchase the picture of the prospective supplier to make the best decisions. The various channels through which supply market intelligence are acquired are as follows:

Internal Sources: If the suppliers are known to businesses, there will already be records and information that can be accessed to get the current market intelligence data.

Also, if any company has a system of supplier management relationship, it would provide information on supplier performance and risk profile. Internal meetings with stakeholders will also help understand the supplier's relationship.

Suppliers: One of the most valuable resources of information is the suppliers. They help provide the actual knowledge of the markets and the factors that affect the supply chain.

Also, data can be acquired from company websites, RFPs, one-to-one meetings, and annual financial statements. All these data together help provide a clear picture of an individual supplier.

Research services: Another way to acquire information on the supplier market Intelligence is with the help of an external provider. The several providers from where procurement can take help from. The various providers are hybrid intelligence, custom, and market research providers.

Desk research: The internet is one of the best sources to acquire relevant and accurate information regarding supplier market intelligence. Through this source, you can use various other channels through which the procurement team can acquire relevant knowledge.

The multiple channels include Google alerts, Analyst reports, Price index forecasts, Newsfeeds, Competitors websites, Trade publications, Blogs, social media, and others.

To Conclude

Supply market intelligence helps businesses to make proper decisions and act as per the customer's requirements. This allows the companies to remain competitive as well.

Firms aware of the value of supply market intelligence will make the best use of it to maximize profit. With a detailed understanding of the suppliers, markets, and external factors, businesses will also have the power to control the costs of delivering their products.

How to use Supply Market Intelligence Data to improve your Procurement

People in the construction industry experience burnout when they work for long hours with heavy work pressure. Anxiety and burnout are the main reasons for burnout. It affects the workers’ health, and many working days are lost due to work-related health issues.

A data collection app makes the job easier and more efficient for people in the construction industry. The real-time data collected includes the number of hours worked, daily reports, the materials used, and safety checklists.

Production tracking is also a significant benefit of using the software. Nearly 92% of construction employees own a smartphone, and the app connects people working on the site and in the office to share data immediately.

Work updates are available to the field officers and the clients in real-time, and it helps save time and improve work efficiency. Plans in the construction industry constantly change due to architectural changes or weather. Generally, people use pen and paper to document the changes.

It takes more time to record the changes, and human errors may occur. Data collection software helps in easy documentation of data on the site, and the entire team gets instant updates on productivity and safety. The software makes data collection easy and accurate and eliminates the possibility of things getting overlooked.

The need for data collection software

Several people like project owners and subcontractors are involved in a single construction project. Clear communication between them is needed to complete the project efficiently.

When communication and documentation are done using pen and paper, data can get lost or misplaced easily. Mobile data capture keeps the data safe and easily accessible by all. There are no delays in communication as the data is visible to everyone involved in the project.

Pen and paper documentation is made manually, and it has an opportunity for mistakes and human errors. Mobile data collection saves time, reduces errors, and eliminates the need for copying information.

The most significant advantage of using the software is it allows people to see how much the project is completed each day. It helps to make better decisions that help to save money.

Benefits of using data collection app

Time tracking

Manual time tracking is a challenging job and is not very efficient, but with the use of software for timesheets, it could be a different story. The workers have to be tracked constantly for entering data into the payroll system.

The data capture app replaces the pen and paper system by allowing workers to log in and out from their smartphones and sync the time entries directly with payroll. The GPS ensures that the workers enter the time at their respective job sites. The field managers can set alerts and reminders for missing time entries.

Digitize reports

It is tough to share important data with the team members when they are documented using pen and paper. The software eliminates the use of pen and paper and saves time. It instantly captures photos and field data and attaches them to the job information. The data is captured in real-time and shared quickly with others.

Sync data

The data is integrated with back-office systems like payroll and accounting by using the software. It eliminates manual data entry and allows the automatic movement of data from one system to another. Data synchronization saves time and stops businesses from worrying about data entry.

A data collection app is needed to handle the burnout caused by excessive stress in the construction industry. It increases productivity and improves the lives of people working on a project. The app prevents people from losing their energy and interest in the project and focusing better to deliver highly valued results.

Combating burnout in the construction industry

The global supply chains help industries and manufacturers to be more profitable and efficient by decreasing costs and helping businesses to flourish in the international markets.

Therefore, the prime motto of supply chain management is ensuring that the entire international network of vendors, manufacturers, transportation companies, warehouses, retailers, and distributors operate smoothly and efficiently.

Global Supply Chain Management - An Overview

For the past several decades, one of the most prevailing trend is the process of globalization, where several businesses and manufacturers strive to take advantage of the low-cost manufacturing system and abundant raw materials available in developing countries across the world.

Global supply chains – to be very specific, are the network of logistic, manufacturing, communication firms, and transportation that shifts materials and products through the help of worldwide distribution channels and production. The global supply chain management process ensured the security and on-time delivery of anything and everything. It includes primary or raw materials required for production to the final finished products, in their journey from suppliers and manufacturers to the wholesalers, or perhaps the people who work as retailers, etc.

The supply chain managers ensure cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and all sorts of risks.

What is causing global supply chain issues?

There are primarily three major reasons that are causing global supply issues. First, the pandemic has left with a shortage of manpower, and eventually, that has reduced the production capability worldwide.

Distortions to demand due to the change in customer purchasing manner are another reason behind global supply chain issues, and the manufacturing and logistics systems more often run near or at their maximum capacity.


Nowadays, ports, factories, and trucking capacity have become very expensive. Thus, they are designed in such a way that there is always a scope of high utilization. This means that each of them does not have a huge capacity.

Functioning close to capacity helps manufacturing and distribution cost-effective. But this also means that it does not require much to overwhelm them. This is because it is not taking place at one point but several points on a global supply chain and it becomes difficult to maintain the supply and demand balance

Irregular stress on demand

In the post-COVID era, businesses have seen increased demand, but it is not quite balanced. However, this has made companies scramble to keep up with the demand. This is creating a kind of irregular ripple effect in the supply chain.

Every business anticipates a probable future increase in demand based on the current rise in demand. In a supply chain where every business simultaneously supplies and orders products and services. A slight increase in need at the bottom of the chain creates a ripple effect, creating a considerable demand in the other end of the chain.

What's in store for the future?

One effect of this global supply chain disruption is that customers will find a surplus of earlier items hard to see during the COVID days. This disruption will stay for some time before it stabilizes again.

Businesses recovering from the sloth during the pandemic need to acknowledge this disruption in the supply chain. They need to revisit their disruption mitigation plans and strategies and build more resilience.


Despite all the hardships in supply chain management, opportunities will keep coming. A business more resilient to the distortions will eventually prosper from it. So, a company should not lose heart but keep up with the hard work.

What is causing Global Supply Chain issues?

People extensively use computers for business and personal use. However, many dangers lurk during their usage. A computer security risk refers to an action or event resulting in data loss or hardware or software damage.

It can also result from incorrectly configured hardware or software, weak passwords, and unpatched software. An unethical act involving a computer security risk is a computer crime.

Today, businesses can avail of security risk and compliance services that help them to analyze the efficacy of their security controls, minimize business risk, and increase brand reputation by plugging gaps in their security strategy. They can get compliance services suited to their business needs.

What a Computer Security Risk Implies

A computer security risk is essentially anything on your system that can damage your data or enable unknown access to it. Malware or harmful software is one of the significant things that pose a computer risk.

Other types of bad software like ransomware, worms, viruses, spyware, and Trojan horses can also result in a security risk. A professional security risk service gives you complete visibility of your digital assets.

Thus, you can pinpoint places where your enterprise could be exposed to varied attacks through it.

What Are Viruses, Worms, and Ransomware?

  • Viruses are attached to files on your computer and can potentially destroy your data. They need human interaction to spread rapidly from system to system.
  • Worms are similar to viruses. But they can quickly spread from system to system without any human interaction. They know ways to attach themselves to devices like removable hard drives. They also know how to move through the network via automation and shift to connected machines.
  • Ransomware is a recent malware term. It refers to malware that renders all the files unreadable after getting installed on the system. They hold the user’s data hostage till they pay the hacker the ransom they demand. This malware type gets delivered by a virus or worm. You don’t have any guarantee of data restoration even after you pay the ransom.

What are Spyware and Trojan Horses?

Spyware refers to malware that takes away your data. It is used to spy over you through your microphone or webcam. Once your computer has spyware installed in it, your sensitive data gets taken away via the recording of your login information.

It will also get stolen by searching for confidential files on your device. This data is transmitted back to the attacker. All this takes place without your knowledge. Trojan Horses refer to a different type of virus.

Their name comes from the wooden horses that ancient Greeks employed to penetrate the walled city of Troy. Trojan Horse viruses are employed to deliver other kinds of malware via hiding them within files or programs that, on the surface, look legitimate.

Misconfiguration of PC

Misconfiguration of PC is like an unsafe computing practice and poses an additional risk. Misconfigured software makes the computer unsafe. They all contribute to building a computer security risk. Computer security risk is constantly developing these days.

So, business owners must take decisive steps to prevent it. Expert security risk and compliance services perform detailed attack simulations through advanced tactics. It imparts security assurance to the enterprise.

These services allow companies to recognize attack surfaces and test security controls and processes in their organization. Thus, they make way for a safe working environment for businesses entirely free of risks. It ultimately prevents the loss of crucial data, which is imperative for company growth.

What does Computer Security Risk mean?