A new, almost effortless method for copying files from Google Photos to iCloud is being provided by Apple and Google. Over the next week, Google is going to be adding support for iCloud to its data transfer tool, which will allow you to migrate your photo collection straight to Apple's service without having to download anything. This was noticed by 9to5Mac. It is a supplement to Apple's 2021 iCloud-to-Google-Photos service and is a part of a larger data portability plan backed by a few major internet companies.

There is no need to download anything because images and videos are delivered immediately to iCloud, making the service very simple to use. You can designate which albums you want transferred, or you can send your entire library at once. Common picture and video formats are included in the list of file types that you can transmit on Google's support page. Then, for some reason,.webp. When you start a transfer, a copy of every file is sent to your iCloud account; therefore, until you remove the originals manually, they will stay in Google Photos.

Google is the most recent business to provide a service of this kind; in 2019, Meta published a tool as part of the Data Transfer Project that allows you to move your Facebook images to other platforms. Having your pictures with you makes it simpler to transition between phone ecosystems and preserve memories, should you choose to do so. Large IT businesses collaborating with one another? Unprecedented! It is, you know, morally proper to allow users to move their data between platforms, and regulators actually like to see this kind of behavior.

How Switching from Google Photos to iCloud Just Got Easier


On July 8, Nothing planned to unveil the first smartphone from its low-cost CMF subbrand. However, in a series of continuous teases, it has disclosed the CMF Phone 1's distinctive customizability, which includes an easily removable rear panel and a dial for attaching accessories. This variant will not support the light-up glyphs found on the Nothing Phone 1 and Phone 2, but a brief video showcasing a revolving dial on the rear appears to be modeled after the aluminum alloy dial on the CMF Buds, which permits a lanyard to be fastened to the earbuds' charging case.

The teaser released today appears to suggest that the phone's dial will, at the very least, work similarly to the CMF Buds' dial in order to accept accessories. The dial can be unscrewed and replaced with optional attachments, such as a folding kickstand and lanyard mount. Will it have more features? While there haven't been any cryptic clues, the displayed dial is similar to the CMF Neckband Pro headphones' smart dial, which controls playback, volume, and active noise cancellation.

Although it's unclear if other manufacturers are producing replacement rear panels, a closer look suggests that the device might support panels that add a wallet to hold credit and ID cards or a larger battery, a la Mophie Juice Pack or the Motorola phones that supported "Moto Mods" a few years ago. It's also unclear whether taking off the back panel will make it simpler to reach the CMF Phone 1's internal components, including the battery, but the feature might be more about personalizing looks and features than making repairs easier.

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