Google, while at the on-going annual developer-focused conference in San Francisco, California (Google I/O), gave an early preview of the next-generation Android (Android L). And as part of a larger ploy to tie Chromebooks and Android devices closer together, the company outlined planned authentication by a secondary device, which allows you bypass your phone or tablet’s lock screen (though, optional).

If, for instance you open your Chromebook with your Android device in your pocket, the laptop will automatically unlock and sign into your Google account, without password required.

And, while your smartphone is tied to your Chromebook, you’ll receive notifications about incoming phone calls and be able to see your text messages right on the laptop. Google is also working to bring top Android apps to Chromebooks, where they’d be launched straight from the Chrome launcher.

Sundar Pichai, the head of both Chrome and Android, at the event showed off Android versions of Evernote, Flipboard, and Vine running on a Chromebook; with a demonstration by a Google employee using his Chromebook’s webcam to snap a selfie while using Vine’s Android port.

As Google provides the ported apps underlying access to device APIs, the software can even interact with the laptop hardware. And all the data is automatically synced to the cloud and available on all devices.

Finally, Android and Chrome convergence within Sight?

The days of Katy Perry on a billboard, her piercing, Photoshop-enhanced blue eyes urging you to buy her fragrance, are numbered. Brands are shifting their budgets to digital, and online influencers who're the new blogging, tweeting billboards. When surfing through their blogs during your coffee break, you’re moved to leaving comments on their posts. You know who we’re talking about in your Twitter and/or Instagram feeds, you’re following someone who is your kind of cool – in a way, you’ve handpicked your brand ambassadors.

One of the biggest misconceptions about influencers, by brands and followers alike, is that they just got lucky. The reality is that cultivating influence is an art, and building a following online is hard work.

There’s no such thing as an accidental influencer. Social media is a fickle friend with a short memory. Even if you unwittingly start trending, or spark a meme, if you’re not quick to capitalize on your 15 minutes of Internet fame, that initial rush of follows, likes and shares will soon dwindle.

Take the grumpy cat – or rather Grumpy Cat™ – a meme that started doing the rounds in 2012 after a photo of the cantankerous feline was posted to Reddit. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, seized the opportunity, quit her day job and a million-dollar industry was born. Now Grumpy Cat is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and makes personal appearances at Comic Con. Brands are scrambling to work with an Internet sensation…that’s a cat. While every influencer’s formula of success is different, these digital trendsetters do have some things in common. Webfluential, the global influencer marketing service, shares some of the secrets of successful influencers:

1. They have a personal brand

Call it a look and feel, a sense of style, a manner of tweeting, or even just a vibe – influencers create and cultivate a brand of their own.

2. They have mastered their tools

Ask any of the top-tier igers (Instagramers) what editing apps they use: they’ll tick off Camera+, Snapseed, and more. Video blogging requires a deft hand with filming equipment and editing. Then there is Wordpress and its thousands of plugins for bloggers. An artist is only as good as his tools.

3. They have disciplined posting habits

The best influencers use tracking tools to see WHEN is the best time to post WHAT type of content on WHICH platform. They have content plans, posting schedules and spend evenings and weekends uploading ahead of the time if they have busy day jobs.

4. They get to know their audience

Influencers also know WHO is following them, and WHY. They immerse themselves in the interests of their audience and use their platforms to find out more – like creating engaging conversations via their Facebook page to ask: “What would you like to see more of?”

5. They interact

Followers want more than anything to be acknowledged. Taking a moment of your time to reply with a “Tx” will buy you invaluable goodwill.

6. They track their numbers

Any serious blogger uses Google Analytics to measure pageviews and unique visitors (which Webfluential has custom-built into its platform to monitor influencers signed to its service). An influencer might modestly say, “I have around 12 000 Twitter followers”, but they’ll know down to the exact number.

7. They know their worth

An established influencer is not shy about attaching a value to the amount of time it takes to create content, and build and maintain a following. They have a rate card, be it for website advertising, sponsored posts, taking part in campaigns and/or personal appearances. Some even have a minimum prize value, in order to conduct giveaways via their various online platforms.

8. They stick to their niche

If a brand approaches a well-known food blogger with a free trip to New York for a smartphone launch, not only has that brand not done their homework, but also chances are that the influencer will turn them down. The best influencers know their niche, are choosy about the brands they associate with, and won’t risk alienating their hard-won followers for a freebie.

Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept, and one of the two biggest challenges hardworking influencers face are credibility and measurability. Webfluential solves both these dilemmas, and provides a third element: opportunity, connecting influencers with brands in the right niche, at the right rate.

8 Secrets of Successful Influencers

PayPal, is arguably the worlds biggest online payment processor, performing payment processing for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee. It's owned by Ebay and offers an email-based payment method that is an alternative to credit card transactions, though users can also use credit cards on the platform.

PayPal, originally was unavailable in Nigeria, owing to cancellation of its service citing increasing fraudulent activities emanating from Nigeria on the payment platform.

Now, PayPal announced entering 10 new countries this week, including Nigeria, according to Reuters. And have gone ahead to launch the services on Tuesday. While, consumers in Nigeria, with over 50 million users and Africa's largest population, will be able to make payments through PayPal.

Albeit, PayPal account is not a bank account, it's generally connected to bank account or credit card so that funds can move back and forth through the platform. With PayPal's low fees, flexible payment options, and strong user base, local businesses can benefit by offering PayPal as another buying option.

Integrating PayPal into your Web site, only requires you can choose between Express Checkout (better integration but more difficult) or Standard Checkout (uses simple HTML code). And as an add-on option, you can accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Alternatively, you can bill customers via email, you don't need a Web site to send your customers bills through PayPal – they receive an email payment request that prompts them to click and pay.

However, PayPal accounts holders in the newly enlisted countries can only send money for now. You can’t receive payments directly with your PayPal account, but we hope the limitation will be lifted soon to avail local businesses the full possibilities and flexibility PayPal payment has come to be known.

How local businesses can benefit from PayPal's availability in Nigeria

Lenovo is a Chinese brand comprising the mobile and computing technologies and innovations. Lenovo is a monster of mobile technologies with a wide range of simple smart solutions and has been rapidly increasing in market share. The popularity of the Lenovo brand is conditioned with key factors of innovations, quality and usability.

Through extensive research on users preferences and modern trends, the brand offers various series of mobile devices with the name ranges A, K, S, and P, with each of them combining a specific set of features to match the modern technological era.

Lenovo A series devices are the best entry level gadgets in the world of smartphones featuring the simplest but sufficient set of features for users to experience more of a smart device for less. The Dual SIM solution will enable a user to benefit from best tariffs and rates for mobile services.

And one of the hottest A series solutions by the brand is the simple but powerful Lenovo A820 featuring 4.5”IPS HD display with about 320pxls per inch for clear and vivid visual experience and running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, although unofficial alternative ROMs exist using various Android OS versions. A quad core mobile processor with 1.2GHz and added with 1Gb RAM. Impressive camera solution will enable a user to take HD pics with 8MP camera letting more light into the focus to improve the low light shooting.
Lenovo A820

The best of K series by Lenovo mobiles is K900 being extra powerful but still refined gadget for extra mobile drive. The device is encased in durable metal casing. This device is indeed something different featuring dual core processor of extra power 2.0GHz and 2Gb RAM for effortless multitasking of the most power demanding apps and processes. Full HD 5.5” screen with Corning Gorilla Glass which will introduce users into the world of the super clear viewing and extra high definition gaming. Front 2MP and rare 13MP wide angle cameras are best options to capture and share your life in the greatest details with a single motion.
Lenovo K900

The Lenovo S series smartphones are rich in additional features and perform ultimate set of options a user can ever desire from a modern smart gadget. One of the most wanted products of Lenovo S series products is Lenovo S920 being an ultimate platform to upsize your entertainment. The thinnest case of 7.9mm hides quad core powerful heart at 1.2GHz frequency of every core. S920 will impress you with 5.3 IPS wide angle viewing display, smart camera software, powerful data transferring engine. It is a rather durable device ensuring up to 25 hours of active device using and up to 20 stand-by days durability.
Lenovo S920

While, the P series smartphones from Lenovo brand guarantee epic talk time with extra powerful processors giving a user ultimate productivity and super durability from gaming to work and back. Lenovo P780 employs a record breaking accumulator under the case hood. A quad core processor of 1.2GHz each core, 4000mAH battery and super resolution camera of 8MP will sufficiently add to the user experience.
Lenovo P780 is a certified mobile store offering the hottest solutions from Lenovo brand at the lowest market prices.

The Best Android smartphones on Lenovo series

Microsoft on Tuesday issued security fixes for its service offerings, including: Internet Explorer (IE) browser, Windows, Office and Live Meeting, Lync; whilst most were rated critical, with the remainder as barely important in severity. However, Windows 8.1 users (who did not install the Windows 8.1 Update) failed to download  Patch Tuesday updates.

Windows 8.1 operating system without the Spring Update, failed to automatically download the patches via Windows Update, as well for users with system set to manually select which patches to install, who didn't even get the notification for patch Tuesday updates.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Spring Update, which was released in April makes Metro truly PC-friendly, by dynamically adjusting its interface, allowing differentiation between PC and tablets.

Albeit, most Windows users failed to receive the Windows 8.1 Update when it was released, owing to changing their system default option to install Windows updates automatically. if you chose not to install the update, well, you'd probably be more at risk lurking in the dark?

Windows 8.1 users failed to get Updates, Why?