Windows 8.1 users failed to get Updates, Why?

Microsoft on Tuesday issued security fixes for its service offerings, including: Internet Explorer (IE) browser, Windows, Office and Live Meeting, Lync; whilst most were rated critical, with the remainder as barely important in severity. However, Windows 8.1 users (who did not install the Windows 8.1 Update) failed to download  Patch Tuesday updates.

Windows 8.1 operating system without the Spring Update, failed to automatically download the patches via Windows Update, as well for users with system set to manually select which patches to install, who didn't even get the notification for patch Tuesday updates.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Spring Update, which was released in April makes Metro truly PC-friendly, by dynamically adjusting its interface, allowing differentiation between PC and tablets.

Albeit, most Windows users failed to receive the Windows 8.1 Update when it was released, owing to changing their system default option to install Windows updates automatically. if you chose not to install the update, well, you'd probably be more at risk lurking in the dark?
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