How Google's Family Link app help parents keep watch on kids' phone habits

Google unveiled its Family Link app, a means for parents to remotely monitor their children activities online, while connecting both the parent's Google account and the kid’s allowing them also control videos their children watch.

As opening a Google account for minors may not seem farfetched nowadays, the new tool will enable parents keep a tab on the kid's activities and warn about inherent dangers online.

The Family Link app can help to keep tabs on what they’re doing when not watching, as well as offer the option for parents to teach them how to be safer online.

It allow parents of children of 13 years and under to be able to approve or block the apps they download from the Google Play store, and monitor how much time they spend using apps, with daily screen time limits, and able to remotely lock kid’s device when it’s time for a break or bedtime.

Additionally, parents can remotely manage settings and content for Google app and the YouTube Kids app, along with knowing the location of their child’s device. And parents can also set a new unlock code when the child forgets his, ping a phone that has been misplaced, and control which apps have access to the camera or microphone.

To set up the Family Link app, all that's required is an Android phone running KitKat 4.4 and above (for parent), and a newer Android phone running Nougat (for the kid), then download and install the app, set it up, and the two phones will be connected.
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