How Facebook's 'Page History' feature will help fight fake news

While Facebook pages can claim a different region altogether, which false information can help mask the true identity of the organization behind it, but that could be a thing of the past with "Page History" feature.

The Page History feature is perhaps still undergoing some testing, as Facebook had accidentally leaked an early test to people in Canada and Ireland.

The overview of some pages in Canada and Ireland with the feature active showed that someone in Switzerland manages the InfoWars page, with some notable pages about Americans operated by people in Vietnam and Kosovo; for instance, a pro-Trump page run by people in Mongolia was spotted.

It's interesting to note that Facebook did not just base the identity information mainly on IP address which may be inaccurate and potentially open to abuse, as scammers can use a VPN to falsely make it appear as if they are based in a different country.

Albeit, the location information available is obviously that of the Page managers, while Page administrators is a higher permission level altogether.

The company had earlier announced its plan to offer users additional context about Pages to effectively disclose information about any particular page. And perhaps, the Page History feature is one tool in that direction, when it finally goes live for all users on the social platform.
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