Here's why Firefox browser deserves a try!

Mozilla has been hard at work on a couple of projects which they are now finally building into their latest browser release, starting with Quantum, an offshoot of Mozilla’s experimental Servo browser engine.

While Servo wasn't intended to be released as a standalone, but basically as the incubation chamber for the future Firefox.

Servo engine is written in Rust, a programming language developed by Mozilla, which enable Firefox to take full advantage of multiple CPU cores — especially when it comes to its CSS engine, which plays a major role in how fast a web page is rendered.

The Firefox browser version 57 is the most important Firefox release in years, culminating years of improvements on many of the pieces that allow the browser to work smoothly.

Mozilla dubbed this release “Firefox Quantum” as it uses far less memory (and perhaps much lesser than Chrome), with new interface that focuses on simplicity and speed. It also features a built-in screenshot tool and a distraction-free reading mode.

Firefox users can still modify the interface as they wish, and the interface equally look good on high-DPI screens and work on laptops with touchscreens.

Firefox 57 is scheduled to launch on November 14, however you can give it a spin with all the new features in the current beta now available for download.
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