Facebook testing Account Unlock using facial recognition

Facebook is currently testing a new feature that could help users to regain access to account by using their face to verify identity, if perhaps they get locked out of their Facebook account by a hacker.

It's also useful, in a situation that a user is in a place where they can’t receive SMS/Call via two-factor authentication, like on a plane.

Initially leaked by Social media researcher Devesh Logendran, who sent a screenshot of the feature to TNW’s Matt Navarra. The Face ID is another step, alongside two-factor authentication, as the feature could prove reliably helpful to users and isn’t fooled by hackers.

While Facebook has attempted a number of different approaches to help users get back into a locked account in the past, such as requiring you to identify photos of your friends to prove identity, which has witnessed backlash from its users.

Albeit, therefore are potential privacy concerns, as any biometric data can give reveal much about a person, but many users may be willing to avail it, if that's a means to get back their Facebook account.
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