Uber Riders can now get lesson on basic Sign Language via the app

Uber, the taxi-hailing company has added support for the deaf and hard of hearing drivers, which according to the company handle millions of trip requests. The feature serves as additional help for those with hearing impairments, and a handy tool that could build on top of what the company already have in place for its hearing impaired drivers.

The feature brings a card in the feed of the rider app when they’re paired up with a deaf or hard of hearing driver, which will allow them an option to learn some basic words and phrases in American Sign Language (ASL).

Riders will see a special card in the Uber feed. Once they tap it, they'll be taken to a page where they can select the basics, like "Hello" and "Thank You," or spell out their name. They'll then be given a GIF with the word(s) in ASL. That way, they can better communicate with their Deaf or Hard of Hearing driver, because signing "Thank You" or "Hello" in ASL can go a long way.

While the rider can choose from basic greeting like “Hello” and “Thank you,” or learn the letters to spell out their name so they can confirm it to the driver.

This nifty feature is coming on the heels of the launch of the new in-app messaging system that will eliminate the need for riders and drivers to share their phone numbers to get in touch.

It underscores Uber's effort to serve as a complete utility app which allow riders and drivers alike to stay ahead of the physical handicaps; which the in-app aid for its hearing impaired drivers invariable represents.
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