Google Maps to feature Video reviews from Local Guides

Google has introduced video as part of its mapping service, which would allow members of its Local Guides program to upload 30-second clips from their camera roll or shoot 10-second videos right from the Google Maps app.

The video review was expressly made available for Local Guides about two weeks ago, of which the company has commenced notifying them about the new feature.

While Google Maps already allow uploads, which hitherto had been only still images, the new video review feature is capable of capturing better scenarios and thus more descriptive in nature.

It’ll serve some really promotional purposes, especially for local businesses within the entertainment and design verticals, even as it presents a huge enabling for them on Google Maps.

Google is also allowing users to use their videos for personal reviews, albeit there are rules to adhere to, which equally apply to written reviews.

The feature is currently available for Android for now, and to upload/record videos, simply search for and select a place in Google Maps, scroll down and tap "add a photo", then hold the shutter button for up to 10 seconds to record a short video or Scroll down and tap “Add a photo”, then tap “Folder” and select a video to upload.

However, the videos on Google Maps can be viewed by all users on iOS, Android, or desktop.
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