Apple removes App Store from iTunes for MacOS and Windows

Apple's iTunes was released in 2001, but over time it became increasingly bloated, for which the change to remove the App Store from the latest version of iTunes for MacOS and Windows was necessitated.

While the changes primarily is intended to return the iTunes to its original function as an entertainment app.

Apple has made significant changes to the latest version of iTunes for MacOS and Windows, and as the completely redesigned App Store is now exclusively tied to iOS 11 devices, may mean more traffic to the platform.

The updated iTunes is sleeker and perhaps with the App Store now gone, will bring U content to the Podcasts section, while Internet Radio will be placed in the music library sidebar.

And users who sync apps through the iTunes will need to re-download them onto their devices, while previously downloaded iOS apps for PC can be found in the Media folder, but if no longer available, you can still transfer it from PC to iOS devices via USB cable.

With the overhauled App Store, users will see rather larger videos and written content describing notable new releases instead of regular list of apps.

Apple, however, will still prefer users to open the App Store instead of a window in the iTunes, so the new App Store will not only have a new look but also a whole new approach to editorials.
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