Snapchat's Bitmoji: AR Animated Cartoonish Avatars goes live

Snapchat brings two of its novelties, animated avatars called Bitmoji and augmented reality technology, to allow users create images in the real world through the app’s camera.

The new feature allow users to project their Bitmoji avatar into any environment through the app’s camera.

This latest update is perhaps giving the word “selfie” a new meaning, as using Snapchat to animate still images is even now much more possible with the augmented reality capabilities.

While the likes of Facebook and Instagram have been rolling out features that mimics Snapchat's most creative updates, such as face-distorting masks to usurp it, but the company keep growing in popularity.

Snap acquired Bitmoji, which it bought for $64 million almost 18 months ago; Bitmoji attaches the cartoonish likenesses to funny and cheesy phrases and then stamps them on images that can be shared across social media.

And with Facebook foray into augmented reality masks notwithstanding, none can create fun augmented reality masks like Snap. The new update is now live for iOS and Android users worldwide.
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