Microsoft PowerApps advances on workflows with deeper Flow integration

Microsoft PowerApps is a low-code service for building business oriented applications, while Flow automates the service that helps businesses work smarter by connecting their apps and services, serving as the go-to business workflow engine.

The company announced several new integration options, including the ability to embed Power BI tiles directly within PowerApps, and trigger workflows within a Microsoft Teams conversation with Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft Flow is now embedded directly within a range of business applications, and offers advanced capabilities in a streamlined experience for both end-users and administrators.

While Flow administrators now have more granular control and management capabilities which will allow them to enable end users with rich automation capabilities.

Also, administrators can download the flow usage in their tenant to be able to understand exactly where and how flows are being used, and how they are tracking against their billing quotas.

And beyond embedding in Microsoft products, more than twenty partners have worked with Microsoft directly to make their services available inside of Microsoft Flow. Partners can even build both types of triggers that Microsoft Flow supports: polling and webhooks.

Additionally, system administrators can build solutions in their own environment, and export it to a package, then distribute directly into their customer’s tenants.
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