How Twitter intends to automate Ads and Campaigns for businesses

Twitter is pitching a new idea to businesses: For a monthly fee, the company will handle both creating ads and managing campaigns on their behalf, using automated agents to pick and choose which of their tweets to promote.

Though, the program is still in testing mode which requires that interested accounts must apply for eligibility.

The company is targeting small and medium businesses that may not otherwise have the resources to run a dedicated social media team, to handle the processes of setting up their advertising campaigns.

According to the company, "you just need to continue using Twitter as you normally do — Tweeting updates, links, and media that you want a larger audience to see. Then, the promotion of your Tweets will be automated.”

Twitter, through the program will exercise full control over the company's Twitter account, albeit, it remains unclear how many promoted tweets $99 can fetch for a business, and what kind of targeting is implemented, if any.

However, the company has assured that detailed insights will always be made available via as well as stats on your Tweet activity and follower growth.
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