Apple iOS 11 beta 4 Out, new stuff coming to iPad

While the tablet line seems to be fast fading away; Apple has sworn to reinventing the once dominant table platform with new changes coming to the iPad with iOS 11. Even though the iPad itself is currently facing some huddles, it remains preferred as a media consumption device: for watching movies, listening to music, reading, and browsing, and for ­the creatives on the go: useful in drawing, doodling, writing, as well as photo and basic movie editing.

Apple just dropped beta 4 of iOS 11 ahead of the final iOS 11 release in September, with the upcoming operating system as a huge leap forward for the iPad.

The improvements to the iPad starts with the extended dock; with the new dock comes new gestures and accessibility options, like continuing to slide up from the bottom uncovers a redesigned control center.

And the new app switcher and "Files app" so that you can launch apps and manage your documents more easily. As the former four apps at the bottom of the screen is gone, it now accommodate up to 13 apps, with three more frequently used ones.

The dock is now easier to access: it slides up from the bottom and anybody can quickly switch between the apps used regularly. While viewing one app, it’s possible to flick up from the bottom and select another from the dock.

In the Control Center, apps are no longer dragged to close; instead, just press down on one of the apps (the RHS bottom of an app worked best), wait for the little "x" to appear on each, and then touch to close.

It feels like a completely new device as you can drag and drop files, app icons and more across the revamped operating system.

The beta 4 is only available for registered developer, albeit Apple also have a public beta program, but releasing new betas in the public beta channel follows after some few days.
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