What you need to know about Story Remix in Windows 10

The Story Remix feature in Windows 10 is essentially a video editing tool that will let users merge photos and videos together with impressive 3D effects, which came as a surprise additions to Microsoft's Build, and now the company is allowing Windows 10 testers to experiment with it ahead of its debut in the Fall Creators Update.

Story Remix makes it easy to use a video that captures your day, experience or mood, to tell your own story.

It works in the cloud by collating images and video from your connected device, which perhaps, may mean availability of the app on iOS, Android, and Windows so it can grab content from multiple devices.

And a user can resume its creation on a Windows 10 PC, even when started from a mobile device and vice versa.

Story Remix appears to be a true Movie Maker successor, the erstwhile app that let Windows enthusiasts create cute family videos back in the days of Windows XP and Windows 7.

While Story Remix appear to be a separate app, as Microsoft described it as "an evolution of the Photos app" suggests that the feature will ship as part of the default Photos app in Windows 10.

Also, Microsoft is combining its work with Remix 3D and Paint 3D into Story Remix, allowing Windows users to import 3D models into movies. Microsoft is perhaps gunning for the attention of younger audience who want to quickly create videos with a soundtrack and some pretty good effects, with the new app features.
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