Smart Home gets certification program via the Wi-Fi Alliance

Smart Home is perhaps saddled with the slow roll-out of specifications and the fact that there are still very little worldwide accepted industry standards, notwithstanding the smart home space is highly fragmented, it is still growing rapidly.

Blazing the trail is Wi-Fi Alliance introduction of a certification program for new smart home construction.

Akin to what it’s like nowadays when it comes to home networking, the Wi-Fi Certified homes will feature integrated wireless networks designed with the same level of detail as the home’s electrical or plumbing systems.

With the Wi-Fi Alliance’s new Wi-Fi Certified Home Design program, which include professional design and installation, the home will be constructed to enable delivery of optimal performance for any wireless device required to create a smart home.

And the overriding goal is to eliminate blind spots and ensure coverage everywhere within the vicinity of the home.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has got a very long history of certifying wireless networking products for interoperability, and as such, will have the expertise to deliver on this as well.
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