Human vs. Machine: Facebook prepping bots capable of negotiating like actual humans

Just recently, Google’s AlphaGo AI was able beat the world’s best Go player, and now, Facebook has outlined its effort to train bots to be able to negotiate as real humans; which skill requires that bots be a step ahead in order to assimilate discussed issues.

The training involves displaying a typical negotiation dialogues between real people, and having the bots to imitate the human actions, a process referred to as "supervised learning".

Facebook research reports an experimental pitching of the bots to divide up a number of objects correlating to a different point value, with the goal of dividing the objects through negotiation and end up with the most possible points, which result proved that the bots got smarter.

According to the research, the bots got smart enough to negotiate with humans who didn’t realize they were even dealing with a machine.

And the claim that the bots flawless facade to care about an outcome they didn’t actually want, in order to have the upper hand, is most intriguing, as the trait was not programmed by the researchers but was "learnt" by the bot as a means to achieve its goals.

The social media giant hopes the bots could eventually assist with real-world negotiations, as artificial intelligence (AI) has achieved what was apparently impossible for humans, which means something as complex as conducting a business deal on your behalf is indeed possible.
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