Meet Foxsy; the First matchmaking bot for a meaningful connection with the right person

Foxsy, born last year has become a hugely loved digital assistant, the chatbot works on messenger apps and currently available on Facebook messenger and Viber with plans of expanding to other messenger platforms.

While there are many chatbots, Foxsy sets itself apart as the first matchmaker bot; and you can find the right person to be chatty via Foxsy.

Unlike other matchmaking services, Foxsy uses special algorithm to create a personalized matching for you, helping you to find and get found more easily. And the most interesting part is that Foxsy serves as a chatbot, so the charming Foxsy, like a cute fox, will support you like a close friend.

As a typically chatbot, Foxsy works on messenger apps; therefore you don’t have to download additional apps.

And setting up Foxsy is a breeze, all you have to do is first connect your Facebook account and Foxsy, then Foxsy will ask you some additional questions to understand you better.

Once you're done connecting to Foxy, let’s move to finding your new friends. Find the menu bar and the button “New Friends” at the bottom of the Foxsy’s chatting page. By simply tapping it or typing “new friends” and send it, Foxsy will suggest you several people you might be interested.

Then, you can check the profile pages of the people and see how they are matched to your preferences.

After you matched, the “Chat Room” with the person will open and thanks to the profile information available to each other it is easy to start a conversation based on interesting personal facts, such as hobbies, job, hometown, and so on. And when done chatting, you can exit by tapping the button “Close Chat Room.”
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