wants to be your Chatbot platform!

Chatbot was originally coined to describe conversational programs, often serving as experimental model, but nowadays, they are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.

While utilizing natural language processing systems, they can pull a reply with the most matching keywords to a query, or the most similar wording pattern, from a database.

Facebook launched an API to build chatbots to interact with users on its Messenger application in April 2016, with use case including news publishers building bots to message subscribers directly with news and other information.

And more than 35,000 bots have been built since Facebook opened its Messenger platform to bot developers, and thousands more are probably being designed by inspired teams across the globe as you read this article.

The advantage includes companies being able to provide customers with intimate, one-on-one services at a fraction of the cost of a call center.

Now, imagine the ease for customers having this personalized service agents respond any time they call a company's customer service, and not spending longer time waiting for human-agent to pickup the call.

Meet, probably the best bot building platform with over 300 successful businesses signed up in the first three weeks.

And what makes this platform different is the ease of use and easy customization processes that can be integrated with Facebook, Shopify, etc. offers a truly natural method for creating questions and answers, and it works by building out a decision tree of questions and answers that you create, so if you can create a decision tree, you can build a bot.

The navigation and menu items has been thoroughly streamlined, and the attractive outline makes bot development a breeze.

Even if you're not yet sold on chatbots, consider some of its benefits for small businesses. And for companies that don’t engage in customer service, they can build a bot to take care of processes, such as scheduling, or save on hiring assistants, the possibilities are endless.
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