What's unique about Facebook's AI powered, M Assistant?

Digital assistants is the rave now for technology vendors, with plethora of AI powered apps been unleashed everyday; blurring the line between works handled by machine and ones requiring human intervention.

But, Facebook thinks it can perform the duo with M, its new AI powered assistant.

The uniqueness of M is its ability to provide realtime location information, like the hiking spots nearby, or the hottest pizza joint, with always available pool of data from Facebook.

M is at the crux of the more vexing questions in AI: how machines and humans could work together; designed to be able to complete tasks, like help users order cake for a parent's birthday, recommend which items to buy, or book hotels with flight reservation as a traveling arrangements.

Albeit, it was originally conceived as a chat bot; as M can offer suggestions that are intended to help with conversations being carried out by users.

M employs machine learning to figure out when to join in a conversation by understanding your chat patterns.

It also help users to get access to advanced features that make Messenger different from its competitors, which may keep users more on Facebook’s app rather than using other chat apps like WeChat and iMessage.

Facebook's M assistant will be rolling out to all Messenger users on iOS and Android in the U.S. on Thursday, with worldwide availability coming soon.
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