How Facebook's new "call-to-action" units aid Publishers on the platform

Facebook Instant Articles feature allow publishers to create fast, interactive articles within the Facebook ecosystem, with optimize contents that users can access instantly. It tends to solve the long wait for website to load before you can get to the content, especially on the mobile app.

When mobile users share Facebook instant articles, people who click on the shared link will go to the instant article, depending on whether they’re viewing on mobile device or desktop browser.

And if desktop users click on a link to the content, they’ll be taken to the website as normal.

While mobile users who view your content as Instant Article won’t actually visit your website, and therefore won’t be counted as referral traffic from Facebook.

The company recently launched "call-to-action" units, will entreat users to install the publisher's app and require them to follow the publisher by joining the mailing lists or granting them various permissions.

Now, thanks to new "call-to-action" units, Instant Articles publishers will be able to have steady followers which can be converted to actionable leads.

According to Facebook's post announcing the units, its giving Instant Articles publishing partners new tools to reach new audience and keep existing ones.
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