Google Duo now beyond just Video call; audio call available worldwide

Google has been relentless in its push for its new chat app to better compete with the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both of which also offer audio and video chat options. The search giant’s chat app, Duo voice call feature first made available in Brazil, is now available worldwide.

According to a tweet by Justin Uberti, Duo’s principal engineer, users can now choose to start an audio or video call by switching a toggle at the top of the app's interface.

Duo was launched as a video-chat app and a pretty basic one at that, compared to other apps in the category, as it allows only one-to-one video calls with availability on mobile devices only, and it got no desktop support.

Albeit, no Google account is required to use it, only phone number and its contact is needed to get started, just as with WhatsApp.

Duo uses both Wi-Fi or cellular data to make calls, and works on both iOS and Android devices, which sets it apart from Apple's FaceTime, as it's available only between users with Apple devices.

While Google continues the unleashing of plethora of messaging apps, it remains unclear as to the next direction for the internet giant, with Hangouts (also got audio and video call functionalities), and Allo, all in the race.
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