Is PayPal going mainstream with its cross-border Money Transfer service?

PayPal, the online payments company has now integrated tools for cross-border money transfers, with the ultimate goal of becoming a larger part of users' payment processes across the board.

The new money-transfer features are made possible through Xoom, a digital money transfer or remittance provider that allows consumers to send money and pay bills within the United States and 52 other countries, including China, which PayPal acquired last year.

The company on Thursday announced the integration of Xoom's functions to its online services, allowing PayPal's over 85 million U.S. users to send money or remittances overseas.

While some new countries that PayPal users can send money to overseas, includes: Mexico, Brazil, China and India.

Albeit, these new features haven't altered PayPal's main services, rather it has beefed it up to becoming a far more vital part of mainstream payments. Even as the money transfer service is seen as an effective means for PayPal to grow its influence and make additional revenue.

Xoom have also added a feature that allow users overseas to request a remittance, bill payment or reload of mobile airtime.

The payment service will employ Xoom and PayPal's risk management, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering systems, to ensure the security of all transactions.

Meanwhile PayPal users can now use their accounts to log in to Xoom, and a beneficiary doesn't need to contact a sender every time money is transferred.
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