Google Messenger to support Rich Communication Services (RCS) and More

Android Police has revealed a lot of works underground to bring Rich Communication Services (RCS) to Google Messenger, while the released version 2.0 sports a number of changes to cleanup the interface and prepare for better messaging experience.

The Messenger currently supports GIFs, stickers, photos, videos, and all the regular Emoji supported by Android smartphone.

The released version 2.0 has got a revamped icon, with a white message bubble inside of a dark blue circle, with several other improvements to the overall interface.

With the conversations grouped more closely together, it improves on the previous release version to allow it fell more like no space is wasted. And the group MMS feature allows you to message frequent contacts in a group, placed at the top.

And the action button and “send” arrow that's floating is a better match for the background color.

Albeit, RCS remains a messaging feature for the future, which ultimately Google is already trying to bring to the fore, as there’s a big chance that Google could work directly with the carriers to integrate RCS into the Messenger.
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