How AI enhancements to Google Photos can aid Creativity?

While Google Photos latest update has been taunted to do much of the work for you as regards fixing images, finding memories, or even making animations you’ll want to share with friends. The app now notifies you about pictures that need adjustments, and enables you to fix them all at once.

Google Photos can pull moments out of your videos and turn them into an animation, which you are not able to select segments, however, as it's totally powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

The artificial intelligence also makes it easier to find past images through basic sorting, making Google Photos an excellent option for saving all of your pictures.

Google has assured on regular notifications on recent photo highlights which will have special appeal to those involved in creative works, who'll need frequent updates about all of those moments.

And all the new stuff will be coming to the app for iOS and Android, and also the Web version of Google Photos.

Albeit, enabling human-powered editing could be helpful in some cases, as Google hasn't quite ruled out its eventual implementation in subsequent updates.
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