How Yandex is Increasingly becoming a viable Google alternative

Yandex, a multinational technology company specializing in Internet services and products, operating the largest search engine in Russia with about 60% market share in that country, is now ranked as the 4th largest search engine worldwide, with more than 50.5 million visitors daily as at February 2013.

While, Global Web search is increasingly competitive – there is immense pressure even on Google as the dominant global player.

Yandex leveraging on knowledge of local search in Russia and their consistent refinement of search quality, has positioned itself as favorite for searchers in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Recent Improvements to Yandex

The ranking formula for queries related to latest events and news now returns the user a group of links of the most relevant, recent documents based on their real-time bot, Orange, designed to index websites in micro-seconds after been updated.

Yandex also incorporate contents from social networking sites across the board and when a user searches for a particular person, for example, public profile information will be included. Additionally, they have instituted a partnership with micro-blogging site Twitter to make tweets publicly available in search query results.

According to the company, search queries regarding latest events and news are some of the most popular on the search engine, about 3% of all searches.

Yandex joining Global Marketplace

Yandex is an important search engine for shoppers in Belarus, Ukraine Kazakhstan and Turkey. And as online shoppers demand an increasingly personalized experience, the all default of Google may not always be successful, given that many Russian users also rely on a secondary search provider unfamiliar to UK users.

Yandex while trying to retain its leading competitive edge in the Russian market, with recent statistics from having Yandex with 59.4% market share, competition remains fierce in the Russian market as Google continues its encroachment.

Albeit, similar battle is being waged by Google in China with local search giant Baidu, Yandex is just one example of a localized search engine critical to foreign markets.
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