Online Gaming: What's new in YouTube Gaming App version 1.5?

Google's video/game streaming service, YouTube Gaming now packs in a bevy of new features in channels and location selection, including: landscape mode, new chat layout, and other nifty improvements.

While, the ability to use the app in landscape mode remains the most remarkable of the new features, YouTube has made it a lot more easier for users to stream contents online.

Albeit, watching YouTube videos has always been that way, now you can also navigate all around YouTube Gaming using your phone or tablet turned sideways.

Starting from YouTube Gaming app version 1.5, there is the new feature to reformat chat, allowing comments overlay while watching videos in landscape mode.

And now, the button to minimize the action is now more obvious, as you may want to keep a video going while heading over to the notifications to read a message.

YouTube watch history has been toned up, with the ability to save for offline access or to add to a “watch later” queue from the overview button.

Also, you can switch location to view videos from settings with options to select any country, including United States, the UK, Sweden, or elsewhere if you want to find out what games are topping the chart in that part of the world.

The service, however, isn't as cool as the live-streaming of Twitch, Google still have a long way to go to catching up with the popular online streaming service.
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