Focused Inbox coming to Outlook on Mac and Windows

Outlook mobile app users should be familiar with "Focused Inbox", a feature that prioritize emails, holding all of a user’s important emails, while the "Other" folder contain everything else.

Microsoft is rolling out Focused Inbox to Outlook on Mac and Windows, bringing the new Outlook app feature to the web version.

And the system can be trained by moving email to and from the Focused Inbox, and establishing rules about certain titles and addresses.

Focused Inbox is an attempt to help mitigate the problem of overstuffed inbox by more effectively prioritizing important emails against irrelevant ones, and moving the later to a separate inbox.

At the point of receiving new messages into the inbox, a banner will display at the top of the list of "Focused" messages for users to know the status of any new message in that section of their inbox, along with a select list of addresses.

It's pertinent to note that "Focused Inbox" employs machine learning, thereby learns from a person’s pattern, and will eventually replace Outlook’s existing Clutter folder, which also separates important from unimportant emails.
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