Streaming apps and virtual reality (VR) coming to Play Store

Some nifty features are coming to the Play Store, like streaming preview versions of apps and accessing virtual reality(VR) contents, which app streaming feature, also works via Google search. As already, streaming apps in Google search is possible, but most users go right into the Play Store for apps, which limit is sort of unappealing.

Not to be confused with Android Instant Apps, which launches an app without requiring downloading and installation, with apps streaming users can be able to access apps directly from Google search.

While, Google may eventually allow VR contents right within the Google Play, as evident in the possible appearance of virtual reality apps inside the Play Store from its Daydream project.

Albeit, the features aren’t here yet, but you can take a sneak peek through an APK by Android Police of the version 6.9 update to the Google Play Store.

As expected, the Play Store update should happen automatically on your Android phone or tablet, and to launch the app streaming feature, you’ll need to click the “try now” button.
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