Sneak peek at Unreleased Apps with 'Early Access' on Google Play

Google has made it possible to easily discover apps that are still in developmental stages with a dedicated section on Play Store called Early Access Apps. Before now, finding unreleased apps is only possible through word of mouth and/or stumbling upon the app randomly.

Even as Android had long made it easy for developers to give out early access to apps they’re still working on, this new section makes it much more easier to discover the new apps that's worth trying out.

The "Early access" section is divided into games and apps, with new dedicated beta tab inside of the "My Apps & Games" section of the Play Store where you can check out which beta programs you've joined with full listing of all apps.

And all that's required is hitting the install button to try it out. Meanwhile, there are some paid apps on the list, which you’ll have access to when the official version is released.

However, there's the obvious warning that beta apps may be unstable, and you can’t get rid of system apps, for instance, if the Maps beta is giving you trouble then you might just have to roll back to the old stable version.
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