What's on your mind? What about updating feed in several different Languages at a go?

Facebook is working on a new feature that automatically translate posts to several different languages at once, making it easier for people to communicate with a global audience even if you don't speak same language.

The leading social network, boasting of over 1.5 billion users worldwide, acknowledge that its user-base mostly comprise of people with different language other than English, as there are a whole lot of languages used on Facebook.

The company commenced testing of the software, called the "multilingual composer" with some Facebook Pages, specifically notable businesses and brands, but now is opening it up to the broader users of the social network.

Already, about 5,000 Pages have the feature running, and once post is published, Facebook will show it to people in their preferred languages.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to prefill the translation field when you add a post in a different language, and requires information like a user's location, language preferences and most commonly used language to decide which version of the message to show.

With the new feature, Facebook users can also edit posts in all the different language versions simultaneously.
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