Skype update for Linux and Chrome brings Emoticons and file-sharing support

Microsoft after years of neglect has released new Skype clients for Linux and Chrome, in a perceived move to get users of the open-source operating system to embrace video calling and messaging on Skype.

Skype already faces increased competition from apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts, all with voice and video calling capabilities.

With the new update, Chromebook users will be able to use to make calls from Google’s web browser and desktop operating system.

While, Skype for Linux app will allow users to connect with other people using the latest versions of Skype across many other platforms based on new technology that makes it incompatible with older versions of Skype.

And users will be getting a revamped interface, with emoticons, and file-sharing support, albeit, the Linux and Chrome clients are still in alpha, so there are likely to be bugs.
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