Mozilla set to overhaul Firefox to Speed up and ensure more Security

In the wake of the heated browser wars, Mozilla's browser, Firefox has continued to dwindle as more and more users embrace Google's Chrome, and its worldwide market share dropping to 14 percent according to StatCounter.

The company is hoping to rekindle the interest and influence it once held with the next Firefox update by revamping its core, to speed up complex websites like Facebook, and also make it more difficult for attackers to gain access via the browser.

Foremost, is the implementation of a new component written in the programming language, Rust, invented by Mozilla.

With the initial Rust-build as part of the browser that handles video and audio files, which runs as fast as the C++ component it replaces, but isn't susceptible to memory problems that open security vulnerabilities.

The nonprofit organization plans to gradually replace more of Firefox code with Rust-built components.

The changes is expected to arrive with Firefox 48, albeit, Mozilla plans to rebuild all parts of the Firefox core using Rust through a project called Servo.
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