How Encryption can Eliminate Web Tracking

The growing trend of web technology vendors persistently tracking users activities online for ads targeting purposes have continued to be debated across different fora. And recently, the NSA was reported to be circumventing manufacturers' controls to access users data on mobile devices, all these pointing to the fact that users cannot rely on vendor provisions in guarding their privacy.

Smart mobile devices have made it almost impossible to maintain effective privacy control online, and the debate as reviewed on the prolific mobile lifestyle blog, Mobility,  posits that the National Security Agency (NSA) can go as far as hacking into these devices to get information, according to documents released by the German news magazine, SPIEGEL.

The report maintains that the issue is not about having access through the companies behind these smart devices, but actual hacking of those devices.

Now, what other options do users have, since smart devices cannot be trusted? Encryption is perhaps the only solution, albeit, not 100 per cent foolproof, as even encrypted messages can be decrypted. However, it remains that the act of deciphering a single word in an encrypted message is a task not many such agency can be subjected.

So, smart security approach is the way out - the data itself should be protected. And to ease the process of the encryption on social networking platforms, BlockPRISM can be availed to cover such social privacy issues.
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