Facebook: Gearing up for Video Ads?

Facebook video ads rumor which has been making round since late July, now substantiating on the hints, the company have gone ahead to announce the test run for the new feature. The TV-styled ads, according to the Facebook Newsroom report, has already commenced with a select group of Facebook mobile users.

The new video feature automatically plays video to users who pause on the box when scrolling through their news feed.

This feature will be limited to videos posted by individuals, musicians and bands with verified pages. And that only videos uploaded to Facebook; not videos posted from YouTube or elsewhere are supported.

The company, however, declined to specify when the video feature will be opened up to advertisers. 

The implementation on desktop is quite different from mobile application, as clicking on video on desktop opens up a new window. While Facebook mobile users who do not wish to watch the video ads can simply scroll through to other items on the news feed.
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