Finally, Here comes Promoted Pins

Social marketing is taking a huge chunk out of internet marketing budgets, and the notorious visual bulletin board, Pinterest, in order not to be left out in the windfall, is exploring ways to open up the platform to advertisers as it announced plans to launch "Promoted Pins".

Pinterest's great appeal to users, coupled with beautiful interface and compelling contents are what may perhaps endear the social platform to retailers for marketing purposes.

Promoted Pins is certainly a preview on how the company will go about pursuing a scalable revenue generation system, and see how it appeals to its ever growing user base, according to Ben Silbermann, Pinterest's CEO in a blog post.

And the initial test-run will include promoting a few pins in search results and category feeds, which the company has assured will not be obstructive as the usual banner ads we're accustomed. Silbermann, however, promised pinners that the promoted pins will be relevant, and improved based on users' feedback, and of course, no flashy banners or pop-up ads.

The company also assures on transparency by letting users know when a pin is actually paid for. The testing has not started, but will be rolling-out soon.
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