Bing brings Pinterest Boards to Image Search

Pinterest may have perhaps scored a great point in the collaboration feature announced by Microsoft's Bing in a blog post on Wednesday. According to the post, Pinterest Boards, which brings together curated collections of images from people around the web is now available on Bing image search.

Bing in the post iterated on the fact that computer-generated contents cannot yet match the accuracy and precision of users' generated contents, citing the example of Pinterest to support the notion.

On Pinterest, passionate curators can build up a collection of ideas that shows off their unique style, giving rise to most interesting pictures on the web. Bing, albeit, using cutting-edge computer vision, powerful filtering tools, and lots of computational horsepower to sift through billions of images on the web has come to acknowledge that the most interesting pictures on the web are being collected by people, not computers.

Bing image collections are great for searches like Halloween decorating ideas, bringing together cute and unique pictures from around the web with creative collections by people who are both passionate and ready to share their ideas.

Bing, added that this is only the beginning of exploration of ways to showcase social communities within Bing image search, promising more in the weeks and months ahead. If you wish to get started, go to and click on the Images tab to take Bing image search for a spin.
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