Native Experience comes to Chrome Apps

Google's web-based application revolution with its operating system, Chrome as the pivot of the new beginnings, is hitting up the debate over native-application continuum. Albeit, native applications have hitherto shown a better performance rating compared to web apps, innovations coming to the later has demonstrated that equal, if not better feat is possible.

Google had earlier released Chrome Apps Launcher for Windows, allowing users to launch Chrome standalone apps directly from Windows taskbar, even without launching the browser. Now, Chrome Apps have landed on the browser in a near-native experience, capable of working in offline mode, and storing data locally.

The new Chrome Apps can interact with PC hardware as a native app, while still retaining the everywhere availability advantage of web-based applications. Google on Thursday announced the availability of the new Chrome Apps on Chrome Web Store.

Mac users, however, will have to wait till the next version, Chrome 30 to enjoy the new feature, as its currently available for only Windows and Chrome, starting form OS 29.
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