Chrome 25 Feature Extensions Option

Bogus applications and malware have had a way of infiltrating users systems through silently installed browser extensions. Google Chrome, starting from version 25 will enable users have control over external extensions, allowing their permission before external browser extensions are installed by third-party applications.

Before now, external extensions can be silently installed into Chrome on Windows using the registry mechanism for extension deployment.

The Chromium blog post, stated that since browser extensions can sometimes influence Chrome's functionality and performance, it's important for users to know what extensions they have installed. And that all extensions installed by third-party programs will become disabled by default.

The new features in Chrome 25 will allow users run only the extensions they approve, and want to use. Whenever an external application install an extension on Chrome, the menu will become badged and user can click on the Chrome menu to see a dialog with an option to enable the extension or have it removed from their computer.

While Windows application developers have been enjoined to recommend to potential users to install Chrome extensions related to their applications from within Chrome store.
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